How To Revive Those Elden Ring NPCs You Murdered Before The Patch Fixed Their Quests

How To Revive Those Elden Ring NPCs You Murdered Before The Patch Fixed Their Quests
Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

If you’re an overeager (or overly violent) Elden Ring player, then you might have killed a few NPCs here and there without realising that they were actually crucial to a quest, or that they were holding on to an important item. Have no fear: Some slain NPCs are not permanently dead, or even permanently mad. To wipe the slate clean, all you have to do is pay a visit to the Church of Vows and say “sorry, my bad” for killing them.

OK, it’s slightly more complicated than that. But not that much more.

Screenshot: FromSoftware / KotakuScreenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

Just head to the crumbled church in Eastern Liurnia, just west of the Ainsel River Well (or slightly south of the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel). You’ll be greeted by the giant tortoise Miriel, who is identifiable by her adorable pope hat. But you don’t actually need to talk to her. What you’re really looking for is the statue of Lady Rennala in the back. By offering a consumable called the “Celestial Dew” to the statue of the fair lady, you’ll be able to revive your victims and cancel out any hostility they held for you.

You can obtain Celestial Dew through several methods. There’s a merchant who sells it near the Ainsel River, or Pidia at the Caria Manor in northern Liurnia. You can also get the dew the old-fashioned RPG way: by looting it off corpses. You’ll find a few if you start trawling through specific corpses in the Uhl Palace Ruins, Nokron, Night’s Sacred Ground, Nokstella, and Raya Lucaria Academy. Hey, it’s the least penance you can do for taking a demihuman life, right? You monster.

Speaking of NPCs, they’re a little easier to find now as the latest Elden Ring update added handy NPC icons to the map. So, if you’re in a murderous mood and seeking potential victims, have a gander at your map. (Again, you really are a monster.).

Not all NPCs are restorable, note. So think very, very carefully before attempting to kill any of them.


  • “I’m sorry I killed you”

    “You bled me….and murdered me for a seed”

    “Yes, yes and I feel terrible about it, which is why turtle pope and and I brought you back”

    “You just want to see if I give you something good now my questline has updated”


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