I Just Bought a Nintendo Switch, What Should I Play First?

I Just Bought a Nintendo Switch, What Should I Play First?
This will be me once I get my Switch. Image: Getty

Yes, it’s true, I have bought a Nintendo Switch OLED model. If you read the headline thought, “wow this person seems like they have no idea what they are talking about,” you are correct. This is why I need your help choosing which Switch game I should play first.

I’m going to pick up the Switch over the weekend and with so many different games available now, I’m struggling to decide which one I should play first.

It probably needs to be a game where it’s simple enough I can learn the controls of the Switch but also still giving me a bit of a challenge.

Also, hello! I’m Ky.

Many of you may not know me, mostly because I normally work behind the scenes and help Ruby and David make Kotaku Australia (as well as Gizmodo Australia and Lifehacker Australia) as great as it is. So you’re welcome, I guess.

If you want to read a little bit more about me, here’s my introduction post I wrote a while ago.

But I shall no longer be stalking you all in the shadows of the CMS. It’s time for me to step into the gamer light.

The main reason why I haven’t posted very much on Kotaku Australia is that I’m rather inept when it comes to the gaming world. But I’m also fascinated by it.

From the (mostly) loving community gaming has created, to the weird and wonderful gadgets, to all the drama about the industry or the games themselves, I am obsessed with it all.

So that’s why I bought a Switch. Mostly so I can play fun games but also so I can become part of the wonderful Kotaku Australia community and learn from all of you.

I also want to help some readers out there who might be like me and be interested in the gaming world but have limited knowledge about it.

That brings me to my next point, where you, the Kotaku Australia community, come into play.

I’m excited to introduce a new monthly segment where I ask for your recommendations and tips for Switch games that I should play and test out. I’ll then do a follow-up piece about how these tips helped, or maybe hindered, me and my experience playing the game as a noob.

So apologies in advance,  you’re going to see a lot more of me.

I’m not a gaming virgin by any means but I definitely am not as experienced as many of you are so that’s why I’m looking for your help, guidance and tips and tricks so I too can become a gaming master.

Also, please be kind to me, I am just a humble, silly little thing who doesn’t understand much about how to game but so desperately wants to learn.

So if you think, “I won’t say this super-simple tip that is basically just common sense. Seriously anyone will grasp that without help,” I promise you, I lack a worrying amount of common sense, so please give me all the tips, no matter how simple you think they are.

As I mentioned before, for the first-ever piece of the new segment, I’m asking you which game should be the very first one that I play on the Switch.

I also want to know your reasoning as to why I should play that game and not other ones. I am incredibly indecisive and like the mull over things before I make a decision.

Oh, I’d also love to get your recommendations on what we should call this Switch segment.

Here are some suggestions we have so far.

  • Ky’s Silly Switch Corner
  • Come Game With Me
  • Switch Gaming for Noobs

Obviously, it’s still a work in progress.

So, give me your damn thoughts and opinions!


  • With respect to Australian games that I know of…

    Hollow Knight – a good time sink, well-suited for a controller. Very fun, highly-recommended, unless you’ve already got it for other platforms.

    Webbed – good fun in short bursts or in longplay, though there are areas with noticeable lag spikes. Some feel it’s a bit short, but there’s a great skating minigame in it.

    Windbound – sort of a mixed bag. It’s an open-world survival/craft with punchy cel-shaded art direction, but some of its core mechanics, namely the whole ‘restart without your boat’ gimmick can be frustrating. The console controls are nice.

    Necrobarista Final Pour – It’s a visual novel. A pretty one at that, but a visual novel nonetheless. The same experience regardless of platform.

    All these games are available on other platforms and/or consoles. If you feel like you want to play them on the go, then go for it, but the overall experience is the same as playing them on PC with a controller.

    • Thank you so much for your recommendations! I’m super keen to play some Aussie games so this is very much appreciated. Which one of these would you say is your favourite?

  • Switch up.

    You can only experience Breath of the Wild on Switch. So I’d say that, as obvious as it is.

  • Pokemon Arceus should be on the list because there isn’t another game in existence quite like it (including other Pokemon games!). To the point where it’s difficult to describe the gameplay because there’s no real basis for comparison.

    Breath of the Wild to see how Zelda made climbing and gliding everywhere an open world a new staple. I’d also recommend Immortals: Fenyx Rising for seeing Ubisoft’s take on the same genre, since they’ve got more traditional style Zelda dungeons and puzzles with the same overarching gameplay as BotW. It’s a familiar game, with a smidge more archetypal gameplay.

    Mario and Rabbids is more puzzle game than XCOM, but the humour and the game itself are both charming in the story it tells. It’s also one of the most graphically spectacular games on Switch.

    Animal Crossing is the ultimate chill town building simulator. By following a real time clock you have all the hours you need in the day to build your town up.

    I’m also partial to Switch Gaming for Noobs. Good luck with your new Switch adventures!

    • I really thank you for your in-depth recommendations! I definitely am going to try out Pokemon Arceus and Animal Crossing (I need the super fun wholesome vibes) but I’ve heard great things about Breath of Wild so I might start with that one. Mario and Rabbids also seem fun though so I’m still conflicted about which one to start with!

      Hope you follow along with the Noob switch series with me! Can definitely use your help in the future.

  • Without knowing more about your preferences, it’s really hard to say. I will say that there are often demos from the Eshop that you can download so you can try things. Make use of the wishlist to keep an eye on games that you may be interested in when they’re cheaper.
    I personally am currently playing Monster Hunter 2 Stories. Players and their Monsties work their way through a large world trying to unravel the mystery of the legendary Rathalos with the wings of ruin. It’s similar to pokemon, but I find the battles so much more interesting.

    • I know it’s hard to recommend anything without knowing my preferences so I thank you for doing so anyways!! The suggestion of using demos was such a good shout! Downloaded a few and that was super helpful to get my bearings with controls and such. Monster Hunter 2 Stories does look really cool though so it’s been added to the list! Thank you so much!

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