Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel Is The First D&D Book Created By An All-POC Team

Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel Is The First D&D Book Created By An All-POC Team

Wizards of the Coast has announced its new Dungeons & Dragons adventure module. Titled Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel, the book is a compendium of short adventures written entirely by POC creators.

The book is the brainchild of Ajit George, who worked as a writer on the excellent Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft campaign setting. On Van Richten’s, George became the first person of Indian descent to write quests and characters inspired by Indian cultures in an official D&D sourcebook. Speaking to Polygon, George said that after working with a team of diverse writers on Van Richten’s, he became taken with the idea of an adventure book penned entirely by black and brown voices.

When George became the project lead on Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel, it was an opportunity to create the book of his dreams.

Each of the book’s adventures centres on the Radiant Citadel, a giant stone formation in the Ethereal Plane. It’s a place of peace and respite, somewhere your party can take a breather or regroup after a particularly bruising quest or encounter. The book will feature 13 new stand-alone adventures for levels 1 to 14 and introduces eleven new monsters. Adventures run the tonal gamut from whimsical comedy to dark suspense, so there should be something to please every party.

The benefit of anthology books like these — Candlekeep Mysteries and Tales From The Yawning Portal spring readily to mind — is that they aren’t part of a single, connected campaign. Rather, they are short adventures designed to slot easily into any ongoing campaigns and settings. The goal of books like Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel is that they take pressure off dungeon masters to create every last facet of their game worlds. Instead, they provide content they can pull from quickly without a heavy creative lift.

Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel is set to release on June 21, 2022. You can check it out at the official D&D website. Preorders should be live at your friendly local game shop by the time you read this.

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