Kirby And The Forgotten Land Is Out Now, And I’m Out Cold (I’m Dead)

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Is Out Now, And I’m Out Cold (I’m Dead)
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Slap my ass and call me King Dedede because folks, it’s fkn Kirby day.

Yes, my friends, today is the day. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is out now on Nintendo Switch. My bones are shaking, I feel nauseous, I’m about to pass out.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Is Out Now, And I’m Out Cold (I’m Dead)

Sorry, what just happened? I think I went unconscious for a second, might’ve blacked out there. Anyway!

So yes, the new game is here. And it’s a lot of fun. If you’ve just come off the back of Elden Ring, you’ll probably find yourself saying, “Damn son, this shit is easy! I feel like I’m playing a game for babies!”. To that, I say, yes. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is not that hard. It’s Baby’s First Platformer. But that isn’t a bad thing.

Sometimes we need simplicity in our lives. Sometimes we need to take a step back from having our arse handed to us on the dirtiest plate we’ve ever seen and take pleasure in the sweeter things, and that’s where Kirby comes in. Kirby and the Forgotten Land has its challenges, but it isn’t challenging, and that’s okay. I’ve been playing Kirby games all my life, and I can see the huge step they’ve taken in the series with this one. We throw around the word ‘accessibility’ a lot, but we don’t take into account who benefits from accessibility. And you know who benefits from the forgiving nature of Kirby?


Kirby and the Forgotten Land has all kinds of new features that old players can have fun with, but this game is (to me, at least) a perfect addition to the realm of ‘Getting Kids Introduced To The Nintendo IP We’ve Always Loved’ games. It’s a title you can play with your wretched little son Gorp, or even your putrid little daughter Heem. And yet, you can still have a fun time with it too. If you don’t have kids, and you are just some guy, have fun! Relax a little! Your expectations of hardship are much too high!

That being said, Kirby and the Forgotten Land isn’t going to be for everyone. If you’re going into it thinking it’s going to be on the level of difficulty of another Nintendo title like Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll be somewhat disappointed. However, if you’re just wanting to chill the fuck out, sit back with yourself and maybe even a weird friend that somehow looks like Waddle Dee despite being a human, you’ll have a great time.

My main point is that Kirby and the Forgotten Land isn’t going to fuck your shit up, but don’t expect it to. Once you go into it with the mindset of simply vibing, being a silly little orb, saving other silly little orbs, and helping them build their humble town from the ground up, you’re going to have a great time with it. If you’re like me and you’ve already played the demo, you’re pretty much going to have to play it again as it works as the opening sequence of the game. But from there, it’s a whole new Kirby adventure.

And so I say, happy Kirby day! May your adventure through this forgotten wasteland as a squishy little god be fruitful and blessed. I’m already chomping on my dry wall and making noises like Donnie from The Wild Thornberrys.


  • Food for thought, I’m always on the look out for games my son can play that aren’t super boring and easy (Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol) or unforgivingly hard (Spyro)

    Getting a Switch is my biggest problem though.

    • Kirby is absolutely the perfect in between of game that allows kids to play it while also not being absolutely braindead. The Switch is a great console in that regard because it’s got plenty of titles like that, but at the same time I totally get being apprehensive of buying one!

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