Things In Kirby And The Forgotten Land That Cleanse My Skin And Water My Crops

Things In Kirby And The Forgotten Land That Cleanse My Skin And Water My Crops

As we all know, I have been playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I’ve been living and breathing this shit. I ate a grape yesterday and thought, ‘It’s just like Kirby.’

I might be biased here, but that’s the thing with opinions on literally anything. That’s how it works. In saying that, I fucking love Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This game is so much fun. It’s a real step up from Kirby games in the past, while still feels like a Kirby game at its core. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is truly just one of those games made to be enjoyed by all and despite all odds, actually does have its challenging moments in some of its Treasure Road levels and its bonus Waddle Dee requirements in levels.

So we already know that I love it. That’s a freakin’ given, people! The real question here is simple: What are my favourite things about Kirby and the Forgotten Land? Let’s discuss.

Mouthful Mode

kirby mouthful mode
Image: Nintendo

Of course this was going to be the first cab off the ranks. Mouthful Mode is an absolute delight. Every Mode that is Mouthful feels like it has a distinct purpose, and they are all so goofy-looking. My personal favourite, as pictured above, is Water Balloon Mouth. I love being a big blobby fuck. It energises me. Fills me with joy (and water). You make not like it my friends, but this is what peak performance looks like. Huge, squishy, and spitting on weird freaks left, right, and centre.


Image: Nintendo

Every game benefits from a fishing mini-game. People who fish in real life are validated for their interest in pulling random slimy guys out of the water, and people who don’t fish in real life get to pretend that it’s easy. Seeing that Waddle Dee on the left catch a teeny tiny fish made me laugh. Ha ha, you fool, I said. Nobody catches a fish fatter than mine. Check yourself and your fish before you speak to me.

Pondering My Orb (Kirby)

kirby looking at kirby
Image: Nintendo

This was already discussed prior to the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, but I love looking at Kirby look at Kirby. There’s something very calming and zen about it. I wonder if he knows that it’s him. Has Kirby ever looked in a mirror? Is he aware of his form? Does he even know that he’s shaped like a friend?

Hanging Out With A Rat

kirby and elfilin
Image: Nintendo

My rat friend Elfilin is a real sweetie. Luckily enough, he is not a Navi-type companion, in the sense that he keeps his little rat mouth shut. I like that about him. Aside from playing alongside Bandana Waddle Dee in co-op mode, having a little friend with me is quite nice. You may also notice to the left of us that there are more little friends.

Little Baby Ducks

kirby ducks
Image: Nintendo

While incredibly minor, the mini-quests that require you to fetch a bunch of baby ducks from the surrounding areas and bring them back to their mother made me smile. Before returning them to their mum, I made sure to run around a whole bunch and watch them waddle behind me. This cured all mental illness for me. It made me wish I had baby ducks following me around in the real world instead of the putrid hell demon that lives in the corner of my room and won’t stop telling me to get into the stock market.

Kirby Shooting Two Guns Instead Of One

kirby two guns
Image: Nintendo

Prior to release, we found out that Kirby and the Forgotten Land would finally be giving Kirby the gun that he wouldn’t stop asking for. I’m not sure if he has his gun license, but I trust him for some reason. Upon playing the game and upgrading my abilities, I was elated to find that they didn’t just give Kirby a gun, they gave Kirby TWO guns. Like he deserves. Overall, the ability upgrades go hard as hell. The Dragon Fire upgrade is OP, the Wild Hammer is OP, the Meta Knight Sword is OP, and I’m honestly quite scared of the power they’ve given Kirby with the Time Crash ability.

Waddle Dee Town

waddle dee town
Image: Nintendo

When I saw that the Waddle Dees had been captured, I had one thought: Waddle Dees don’t belong in cages! Set them free. So that’s simply what I did, I set them free.

In setting them free, I got to witness the rebuilding of a civilisation. The return of Waddle Dee Town. There I made many friends, like Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee and Wise Waddle Dee. While their naming conventions seem primitive, they are kind folk with great skill and soft, squishy bodies. However, they seem incapable of death, and that frightens me a little.

Unfortunately, one thing missing from Kirby and the Forgotten Land was the ability to lay a fat wet kiss on your buddy’s supple mouth to heal them. Although I long to kiss my homies better after they’ve been smacked around, this is not a game-breaking issue. Outside of the goofs and gaffs, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a damn good time and a great game for all. I love playing with my friend Kirby, whose power I cannot fully comprehend and sometimes question as to whether or not he is a god.

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