Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer Is Aiming For A ‘Steady Flow Of Great Games’

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer Is Aiming For A ‘Steady Flow Of Great Games’
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So that’s why Microsoft keeps eating up development studios like a very hungry caterpillar*.

Microsoft owns plenty of game development studios and publishers now, thanks to many an acquisition. This handy list from the good folks at PCGamer will give you a good idea of just how many studios Microsoft now owns.

With the monopolisation of the gaming industry being the hot new thing at the moment (note: not hot, not new), many wonder where they’re going to go from here. Thanks to Microsoft’s gaming CEO Phil Spencer, we at least have a vague idea of their next steps now.

For their 100th episode, the Xbox Era podcast had Spencer on the show to congratulate them on their progress, as well as to chat about Microsoft’s future plans.

On the topic of those future plans, Spencer mentions that they have “a lot of games in development”, while also saying that Microsoft would like to “get to this point where there’s a steady flow of great games that are coming”. He also states that Microsoft doesn’t have a “big game” for this quarter, but considering just how many studios they own that are currently working on projects, that clearly won’t be a problem in the future.

It makes sense that Microsoft wants that “steady flow” of games coming out, considering they have the perfect platform to release them on in the Game Pass. With each new studio becoming a part of Microsoft comes there’s potential for more and more titles to be released on the Game Pass from day one. While not every game gets that sweet day-one-on-Game-Pass release, the desire to maintain interest in the Game Pass format will probably see more Microsoft-owned studios having their games released in this way.

*This is most likely one of many reasons as to why Microsoft is gobbling up game development studios. Other reasons could include amassing profit, making money, getting the bag, and so on.


  • Steady flow… that doesn’t explain buying Blizzard and Bethesda then, two studios infamous for be locked into development hell for title releases and expansions.

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