The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Game Pack Is Finally Getting Fixed

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Game Pack Is Finally Getting Fixed

The newest The Sims 4 game pack, My Wedding Stories, is getting a much-needed update.

My Wedding Stories for The Sims 4 had been a hot topic before and after its February 23rd release. When EA announced the game wouldn’t see release in Russia due to the nation’s homophobic federal laws. This decision was ultimately reversed following the community backlash, with EA stating the pack would now release in Russia “unaltered and unchanged”.

However, there was another community furore brewing. Upon the pack’s release, players began reporting numerous gameplay issues. Reported bugs included Sims not walking down the aisle properly, guests not dressing for the occasion, some doing push-ups in the aisle, or dying during the ceremony. All very funny, but not representative of a game pack in good shape.

It should be noted that The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories pack was produced under WFH conditions during the pandemic. Quality assurance is quite a bit harder to accomplish under those conditions. Just something to bear in mind.

All that being said, I love The Sims. I’ve gotten back into the game recently, and was very excited to give this game pack a go. After seeing the reports, I decided to hold off until a fix was put in place, which put me in the same boat as a lot of other Sims players.

Luckily, it seems like many players prayers have been answered as EA has released their plans for a patch for My Wedding Stories in a Laundry List post.

The fixes, as per the Laundry List, are as follows:

  • Please Take Seats update for receptions and prevent blocking of other player-directed activities
  • Walking Down the Aisle adjustments
  • Invite Sims from both sides of the wedding, regardless of which Sim is planning the event
  • Guests arrive in their proper clothing
  • Guest attire stays selected after closing and reopening Wedding Planner
  • Improvements to Sims gathering for dessert time
  • Improvements to Sims gathering around the cake
  • Improved the amount of time needed before Wedding Cakes spoil
  • Cake toppers no longer floating
  • Cake model looks correct after cutting and serving
  • Adjustments to the Passionate Kiss animation
  • San Myshuno’s Myshuno Meadows Center Park appearing in the wedding venue list
  • Paired dancing improvements

So basically, it seems like EA is fixing everything that everybody was complaining about. While this is a welcome relief for most players, some have voiced their dissatisfaction with EA’s silence until now. The lack of apology, and the time that it took for EA to address these issues, seems to only be upsetting these players further.

Anyway, always remember: AAA developers rarely get to choose when the game they’re working on is released. That’s the publisher’s purview. This is a common issue in the game industry nowadays, where developers have deadlines that they sometimes can’t adhere to. This leads to one of two outcomes: games released before they’re ready and patched up later (maybe), or delay it until it’s ready. The former makes for a quick payout, and so it is the more common solution.

At least we’re getting a fix, right?


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