Qualcomm to Make ‘World’s First’ Wi-Fi 7 Product Available this Year

Qualcomm to Make ‘World’s First’ Wi-Fi 7 Product Available this Year
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Qualcomm used Mobile World Congress this year to announce literally the kitchen sink – new ARM-powered PCs, automotive innovations and a plan to rule the metaverse. But Qualcomm also teased an incredible upgrade to its ‘sound experience’ and some insights into its Wi-Fi 7 play.

Let’s start with Wi-Fi 7.

Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7

Having already announced its Wi-Fi 7 solutions were “setting the standard for next-generation Wi-Fi”, Qualcomm today revealed the “world’s first announced Wi-Fi 7 product”, would be commercially available in the second half of 2022.

“At Qualcomm Technologies, good is never good enough – for us or our customers. As a leading wireless technology innovator, we constantly drive progress to bring you the best technology solutions and experiences,” Qualcomm says. “Today, that pursuit comes in the form of initiating a new era of connectivity supporting both Wi-Fi 7 and next-gen Bluetooth connectivity: Qualcomm FastConnect 7800, the world’s fastest and most versatile connectivity system.”

FastConnect 7800 promises the power of high-speed, ultra-low latency Wi-Fi and the latest Wi-Fi 7 specification. Qualcomm says it “deploys an array of Bluetooth audio advancements that raise the bar on consumer expectations for sound quality”.

FastConnect 7800 introduces High Band Simultaneous (HBS) Multi-Link technology, which it says is the premium capability for Wi-Fi 7 networks, delivering the highest throughput and lowest sustained latency, while reserving spectrum for Bluetooth and lower-bandwidth Wi-Fi.

Qualcomm to Make ‘World’s First’ Wi-Fi 7 Product Available this Year
Image: Qualcomm

FastConnect 7800 is a connectivity system for more than just Wi-Fi, though. Qualcomm says it delivers superior wireless audio; Snapdragon Sound technology, Bluetooth LE Audio and Bluetooth 5.3 get a significant boost with Intelligent Dual Bluetooth for two streams of premium audio.

“Dual Bluetooth means you get reliable CD lossless quality wireless audio, more immersive gaming experiences and better connections overall,” it adds.

Speaking of sound….

Qualcomm-powered earbuds are about to sound a whole lot better

Qualcomm says Snapdragon Sound will redefine the wireless listening experience, announcing two new audio platforms: the Qualcomm S5 and S3 Sound Platforms. Qualcomm is calling these “two new feature-packed, ultra-low power wireless audio platforms”.

In addition to being the first to deliver Lossless audio, Qualcomm has added ultra-low latency gaming mode with in-game chat, and the ability for earbuds to record content in stereo sound (yep, ‘content creators’ are the focus here).

“In these tiny platforms, we integrated our Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation in a dedicated hardware block, and as a result are bringing substantial noise cancellation improvements, to whatever is in a listener’s earbud,” says James Chapman, the VP and GM of the company’s voice, music & wearables division.

Qualcomm wi-fi 7
Image: Qualcomm

What does the Qualcomm S5 Sound Platform (QCC517x)and Qualcomm S3 Sound Platform (QCC307x) offer?

  • Snapdragon Sound technology with support for:
    • 16-bit 44.1kHz CD Lossless Bluetooth audio quality
    • 24-bit 96kHz high resolution Bluetooth audio quality
    • 32kHz super wideband voice call quality for crystal clear calls
    • Stereo recording
    • Robust connectivity even in very busy RF environments
    • Gaming mode, with 68ms low latency audio and voice back channel (25 per cent over the previous gen)
  • Dual-mode, low-power optimized integration of LE Audio for audio sharing and broadcasting
  • Multipoint Bluetooth wireless connectivity, for virtually seamless and convenient transitions between source devices
  • Third-generation Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, with natural leak-through capability.

Here all that is in picture form:

Qualcomm wi-fi 7
Image: Qualcomm