Report: Unless 2K22 Is A Hit, WWE Could Look To Other Publishers For Future Games

Report: Unless 2K22 Is A Hit, WWE Could Look To Other Publishers For Future Games
Image: 2K Games.

WWE 2K22 may be 2K’s last WWE game if the information contained in a new report is anything to go by.

I think we all remember the absolutely wretched state of WWE 2K20. I mean, could anybody forget horrifying images like this?

Report: Unless 2K22 Is A Hit, WWE Could Look To Other Publishers For Future Games
Yuck! (Image: WWE 2K20 / 2K Games)

It seems like WWE didn’t forget. Glitches like this, alongside a bunch of other issues and the decision to not release a 2021 rendition of the series, might be why sources are saying WWE could move on from 2K Games for future games. According to wrestling content creator Fightful Select, WWE and Electronic Arts (EA) have been in talks as recently as last year to discuss the future of the series. The full report states:

“The relationship between WWE and Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Sports, may be coming to an end. And it could result in WWE moving their games to a competing publisher for the first time ever. Multiple sources have stated that WWE has had preliminary discussions with Electronic Arts (EA) about bringing the WWE Games line over to one of the top gaming publishers in the world.”

“Viewed as a “make or break” release for the series, there is a lot riding on the launch of WWE 2K22 and the following weeks and months. The last contract between the two parties was signed in 2016 and though no official details were made public, sources indicate that it was a six year agreement with options to extend it. Should the game be well received by the public and sales be around expectations, an extension could be not far behind. Should it be deemed a failure, a move to EA could become a greater possibility than ever before.” also reports that WWE and EA had previously been in cahoots before the 2016 agreement, but that these conversations were re-ignited after the regretful release of WWE 2K20 and the less-than-stellar reception of WWE 2K Battlegrounds. 

For the time being, it looks like the future of the WWE 2K games relies on how successful the upcoming WWE 2K22 game is. 2K Games seems to have learned from their past mistakes and have plans to make WWE 2K22 their saving grace, so only time will tell. From what I’ve already seen of the game, it looks like a huge improvement so here’s hoping it’s enough!


  • Just makes me miss THQ and gems like Wrestlemania 2000.

    EA?! Oh boy, what could possibly go wrong?
    (Aside from a woefully broken game with an exceptionally solid MTX mechanic.)

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