ScribbleTaku 2

ScribbleTaku 2
Image: Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia

Hello friends! Hope you’ve had a lovely week.

Last week’s ScribbleTaku was probably the most obvious one, meaning I was more than excited to see all the great responses that people would have. The correct answer was definitely Elden Ring, which I plan to play and fucking suck at this weekend. However, I am truly quite excited to play the gruelling fantasy game where you get dunked on for having no bitches.

ScribbleTaku 2
What’s wrong? No maidens? (Image: FromSoftware)

Big shouts out to astrogirl for getting it spot on, but big ups to the great alternative names provided by the rest of you in the comments. I think FromSoftware made a wretched mistake not calling the game Honey, I Turned Grandma Into a Bracelet.

This next one is realistically quite sad when you think about it, yet is loved by many. What game is this?


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