The Silent Hill Website Has Been Bought, But Not By Konami

The Silent Hill Website Has Been Bought, But Not By Konami
Image: Konami

It seems Konami has no plans to re-acquire the Silent Hill website. Or maybe they just missed the opportunity to do so.

As spotted by the eagle-eyes over at RelyOnHorror, the domain has been scooped up after Konami let it expire. The site now showcases a tweet from Silent Hill creature designer and ex-Team Silent developer Masahiro Ito.

silent hill web domain

What Ito meant by this is unknown, as he chose to not explain the reason for his tweet. Ito has previously indicated his unhappiness with the way Konami used the Pyramid Head character in later games. Draw your own conclusions.

Wait, this has happened before, right?

Previously, the Silent Hill domain went up for sale in 2019 for around $10,000 USD ($13,770 AUD). At that time, the website featured a meme relating to Pyramid Head’s height, saying ‘He Was First’, presumably related to everyone going balls-to-the-wall insane over the introduction of Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village being a Big Lady.

silent hill web domain
Image: RelyOnHorror

Some had speculated that this might be a ploy by Konami to appeal to the meme-loving masses, but so far nothing has come of it. Now, with the new image appearing on the website, it’s unlikely that this is the work of Konami.

What happens now?

Whoever purchased the domain may have got it for a steal. A quick look at the registration details on who. reveals that the domain’s current owner bought it via GoDaddy. It also appears they have control of the domain until December 19, 2022, at around 2:20 pm GMT.

With Konami’s seeming abandonment of the Silent Hill web domain, it feels like Konami has simply left the website to die. Given the reports of “multiple Silent Hill games” in the works at the publisher, that oversight may prove to be a costly mistake.

And hey, we still have Slitterhead to look forward to.


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