Watch This Elden Ring Player Turn The Stone Chariot Boss Into A Spirit Ash Summon

Watch This Elden Ring Player Turn The Stone Chariot Boss Into A Spirit Ash Summon

The Elden Ring mods are getting well and truly out of hand now.

A Twitter user who goes by king bore haha uploaded a video of their character unleashing a truly terrifying pair of Elden Ring Spirit Ashes in battle. The first shows king bore’s character summon the Stone Chariot boss, sending it hurtling into a mob of enemies.

“This spirit ash is insanely broken” reads king bore’s post. “No idea what fromsoft was thinking.”

For what it’s worth, king bore knew exactly what they were doing. Their entire account is dedicated to modding From Software games, data mining patches, and uncovering cut content. The summon in their Twitter video is the result of a mod that lets users substitute Elden Ring Spirit Ashes with any monster or boss of their choice. It seems like king bore got the response they were looking for, with stunned Elden Ring players pouring into their mentions to ask how they did it.

King bore then cheekily followed up with a second video in which they summon the Walking Mausoleum itself. The gargantuan boss begins stomping around, so massive that it swallows the edges of the camera. “I really should not have upgraded turtle ashes to max,” quips king bore. “So unweildly (sic) at max size.”

It’s a mark of Elden Ring‘s deep sense of mystery and discovery that people took the bait. Summoning Elden Ring bosses as Spirit Ashes is plainly absurd. But this is also the same game where people discovered secret tunnels you can only access if you hit a specific piece of wall 50 times. The sense of discovery is immense, so it’s not all that surprising that people might believe it.

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