What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Another week down, friends. We made it.

And so we must once again make the difficult decision: what are you playing this weekend?

For me, it’s the first Formula 1 race weekend of the year, so I’ll be doing a lot of staying up late. The first race in Bahrain doesn’t start until 1 am AEDT on Monday morning. Why did I pick a bloody European sport to become obsessed with? I could have just enjoyed footy like everyone else. That’s a game that happens in my own damn timezone at least. But no, it had to be speedy race cars on the other side of the world.

I’m my own worst enemy, I swear.

To help me keep my eyes open, I’ll be racking up a few games for the weekend. I want to check out this week’s Game Pass drops, including Shredders and the much-anticipated Tunic. I know Ruby is very interested in that one too.

I was sent a code this week for Onde and I’m very excited to try that out. Gran Turismo 7 calls to me, too. Trouble is, I’m up to a license challenge that’s harder than any Dark Souls boss I’ve ever faced, so I’ve put that down for now.

I promised Junglist I’d spend more time in Elden Ring and I swear I will. I have been absolutely awful at carving time out for it and have barely gotten started. I’m also massively back on my Flight Simulator bullshit after reviewing the Turtle Beach VelocityOne yoke and throttle last week.

But how about you? Hopping into anything interesting this weekend or are you still in the throes of Elden Ringery? FFXIV and Destiny 2 friends, may your raids be co-ordinated and the drops fruitful. Let us know what you’re playing in the comments below!

Thank you once again for hanging out with us this week. Enjoy the time off, and we’ll see you Monday.


  • I should hop into FFXIV for the Little Ladies’ Day quest. Its really disheartening they’ve removed the ability to replay the cutscenes from previous seasonal events with Endwalker’s launch.

    Other than that, playing some more Neptunia Victory-II and Dead By Daylight I’m sure.

  • Between the Itch.io Ukraine Bundle and the now dropped Humble Bundle Ukraine Bundle… I still have no clue, too many choices for new games.

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