What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

And lo, The Good Day has blessed us once more.

Happy Friday, mates, we’ve made it through another week. And so, as we do every week, we break down our weekend gaming itinerary.

This weekend, I’m going to pop down to EB and grab a copy of Ghostwire just to take a look around. The reviews have certainly been polarised, and I find that usually means a game is rather interesting. I’ll also be checking out the new Halo series on Paramount Plus. I don’t know if I’m going to like it, but I’m trying to go in with an open mind. I have to remind myself: it’s an adaptation, not a literal translation.

I also have a Logitech G923 wheel waiting for me at the local post office. I am VERY excited to check it out. I can’t believe, after years of not caring about cars, I have been turned into a sim racer.

Speaking of cars, I finally got hold of that amazing McLaren F1 LEGO set yesterday. I’ll be setting some time aside to build the first stage of that this weekend too.

If I get time, I really want to run that new Sea of Thieves adventure too.

There are a lot of games going around, gang.

As for Ruby, she will be playing, and I quote: “FUCKEN KIRBYYYYYYYYY”. That’s right, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Ruby’s personal GOTY, arrives today. If Ruby physically eats the game out of excitement when I hand it to her, does that constitute “going Mouthful Mode?” It’s not for me to say.

But how about all of you? We want to hear what you’re playing this weekend! Still Elden Ring-ing? On the MMO grind? Are you just gonna hit the Saturday Wordle and call it a day? Break it down for us in the comments below.


  • So boring at the moment, still playing Elden Ring and farming Genshin for the next event banner.
    (I’ve wanted Ayako for ages, even though she’ll break my current A team)

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