You Gotta Watch This Elden Ring Badass Absolutely Destroy Bosses

You Gotta Watch This Elden Ring Badass Absolutely Destroy Bosses

With Elden Ring nearly a month old, plenty of people have done incredibly impressive things in FromSoftware’s latest Souls-like. Some have beaten the action role-playing game without dying a single time while others are reaching the end credits in less than 30 minutes. Something I love watching, aside from speedrunners blitzing through the Lands Between, are flashy combat videos, and a Guerrilla Games employee has them in spades.

SunhiLegend, a franchise and community team member at the Horizon Forbidden West developer, often posts stylish edits of games like Devil May Cry 5 and Final Fantasy VII Remake to Twitter. Each video is better than the last, with SunhiLegend showing their impeccable precision. It’s no wonder the videos are widely shared. SunhiLegend is a badass at games!

Nowhere is this more indicative than in their Elden Ring edits. Since the game’s February 25 launch, SunhiLegend has posted three videos of them just totally wrecking hard-arse bosses, including a Lesser Crucible Knight and Leonine Misbegotten. But they’re not just button-mashing for the win. No, SunhiLegend demonstrates accuracy and restraint, opting for high-level strategies such as consistent parries to break an enemy’s guard. It makes for an eye-catching watch, something akin to a martial arts film.

This Margit the Fell Omen fight is particularly enthralling. SunhiLegend starts by walking to dodge Margit’s flying ethereal swords before engaging in combat. What results in a humiliating arse-whooping of epic proportions. SunhiLegend rolls to avoid a few attacks, equips a shield to parry many others, lands some close-quarters sword swipes of their own, and staggers Margit to deliver the killing blow while taking zero damage. All told, the fight lasts a little more than a minute. I’d be embarrassed if I were Margit, especially since SunhiLegend didn’t use a spirit summon or anything!

Kotaku reached out SunhiLegend for comment.

These videos leave me so jealous because no matter how hard I try, I’ll probably never get that good. I’m summoning players online and using the Lone Wolf Ashes to roll with as much backup as possible before entering any boss arena, here is SunhiLegend just showing everyone up with their skills. The way they treat fights like it’s another day at the office is mind-blowing, and I love watching accomplished players flex their capabilities. If you haven’t yet, you should check out SunhiLegend. You won’t be disappointed, though you might feel a little shame. I know I do.


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