Another PlayStation ‘Console Exclusive’ Comes To Xbox

Another PlayStation ‘Console Exclusive’ Comes To Xbox
Screenshot: Young Horses

At this point, it’s fair to assume that any proclamations of “console exclusivity” should be taken with an entire deer lick of salt. The PlayStation 5 launch title Bugsnax comes out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on April 28, as part of the Game Pass library, developer Young Horses announced. It’s also getting a release on Nintendo Switch. Oh, and it’s getting a free expansion.

Bugsnax, an adventure game about exploring an island of anthropomorphic snacks, first made waves at E3 2020 due to that contagiously catchy tune from Kero Kero Bonito in its trailer. Folks may have initially written it off as a meme, but it also proved to be an offbeat puzzler with a shockingly dark undercurrent, and a truly all-time fucked-up ending. The Isle of Bigsnax, which is a free expansion available to all players on April 28, adds a new explorable area with supersized bugs(nax).

When it came out, Bugsnax was a core part of the PS5’s initial launch lineup, alongside such first-party Sony PS5 games as Astro’s Playroom and the Demon’s Souls remake. (Bugsnax was also released simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and PC.) Sure, an errant third-party indie game coming out on a competing platform a year-and-a-half after release doesn’t seem like the biggest dent to Sony’s ego, but Bugsnax isn’t even the only PS5 launch title to come to Xbox this week.

Remember Godfall? The entertaining if unmemorable action looter was released on PS5, a decision the developer attributed to technical restraints that prevented it from coming out on PS4. (Godfall was released simultaneously on PC.) Last summer, Gearbox backward-ported it to PS4. And five days ago, it saw a full release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

The leap between major platforms cuts both ways. The Ascent, an isometric cooperative shooter, initially planned as a launch title for the Xbox Series X/S but delayed into summer 2021, landed on PS4 and PS5 a few weeks ago. And Bloober Team’s formerly Microsoft-only nightmare factory The Medium, whose dual-perspective puzzles required next-gen horsepower, came to PS5 last fall.

We’re likely in store for more. Deathloop, made by Arkane, and Ghostwire: Tokyo, made by Tango, were touted as PS5 “console exclusives.” (They’re also available on PC.) Last year, Microsoft famously bought the parent company of the parent company of both studios for a Monopoly money sum. At the time, Microsoft said it’d honour any exclusivity agreements in place, and so far it hasn’t announced an Xbox release date for either game, but c’mon. Anything to feed the Game Pass beast, right?



  • So it’s getting a bit like how movie trailers say “only in cinemas” when you know they’ll be streaming in a few months?

  • It’s also another L for Sony…in the PR stakes. It’s good that these smaller games get the exposure and the reach, but it’s also pretty embarrassing (though not as embarrassing as MLB the Show on GP). I think Sony (and XB to a lesser extent) need to stop trying to make timed exclusive deals… they don’t help as much as they think, and especially when they then go direct to GP. Even as a Sony owner, I have to say MS are pretty well scoring goals this generation, while all Sony’s are tending to be own-goals. Then again, perhaps that’s a grass-is-greener feel.

    • We knew when it was announced back in 2020 that it was a timed exclusive so it’s not shocking news that was hidden or should be catching anyone off guard.

      Timed exclusives are definitely the preferred model for a lot of developers at the moment and people seem to like the prospect of games eventually finding their way to their preferred platforms.
      Even Sony has indicated that their keen to continue releasing their 1st party titles on PC and even developing some games for multiple platforms.
      (Grain of salt obviously but they’ve been a lot stronger on the language than MS is being right now)

  • So the Playstation 5 exclusive Bugsnax is coming to not just Xbox One along with Xbox Series X and S Bugsnax is also coming to Nintendo Switch on April 28 later this month as well with a free update expansion called The Isle of Bigsnax well guess what Young Horses I’m excited for this game I’ve never played Bugsnax since I don’t own a PS5 but I’m excited that Young Horses is bringing Bugsnax to Nintendo Switch so while I wait for Polish developer Tate Multimedia to give me a release date for Kao the Kangaroo on the Nintendo Switch I am excited for Bugsnax coming to Nintendo Switch on April 28 later this month with a free expansion update The Isle of Bigsnax.

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