Battlefield 2042 Is Currently $9 And What More Can We Really Say?

Battlefield 2042 Is Currently $9 And What More Can We Really Say?
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To say the release of DICE’s latest military shooter was a bit rocky would be a bit of an understatement. So will a $100 discount finally make Battlefield 2042 worth buying?

Over at Amazon Australia, the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X editions of Battlefield 2042 are all on sale for $9. Depending on which platform you pick up for, you’ll be saving yourself somewhere between $80.95 (PC) and $100.95 (PS5, XSX). For a AAA game that was released less than six months ago, that’s insanely cheap.

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Image: EA

Battlefield 2042 suffered launch woes from the jump, with players complaining about everything from bugs to weapon balancing. Though developer DICE has released multiple patches addressing a load of issues, the damage has certainly been done. The player base continues to fracture and revolt across Reddit and social media, unhappy with being sold a full-priced game in what, to them, feels like an incomplete state.

The flip side to that argument is that Battlefield 2042 was developed, end-to-end, under work-from-home conditions throughout the pandemic. Without the same level of access and collaboration, concessions would always have to be made. Making games is hard, and moving a huge team to production conditions wholly different from what they’re used to is akin to moving a mountain.

Things are getting better though, and despite its flaws, you still might be able to get something from Battlefield 2042. In Kotaku’s review of Battlefield 2042, Luke Plunkett concluded that “For all its loose threads and empty holes and bad ideas, though, I can’t help but still enjoy my time with this game.”

If you’re someone who is happy enough to play the waiting game when it comes to patches or just grin and bear it your way through things, you might be glad you grabbed Battlefield 2042 for cheap.

You can pick up Battlefield 2042 on sale for $9 here, which is also roughly the same price as two large coffees.

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  • “The flip side to that argument is that Battlefield 2042 was developed, end-to-end, under work-from-[home] conditions throughout the pandemic.”

    This is a non-argument, non-excuse. If the pandemic made it so that developing the game to AAA quality was impossible in the project’s time-frame, they should’ve delayed it for as long as necessary to finish it, even if it was, say, a full year.

    • Yep, the work-from-home excuse is utter BS.
      If it delayed it, or made it more difficult…fine.
      But these are fundamental issues with the entire game that are the product of terrible decision making.
      Leadership should get the chop.

  • Hey David,

    Word of advice – cut the bullshit, cut the excuses. No amount of working from home bullshit can explain the utter failure of this game.

    Even if it didn’t launch in an incomplete, buggy state. It’s not Battlefield -at a fundamental level.

    “Sorry we couldn’t give you a scoreboard. We had issues working from home.” – DICE EA, probably.

    • “We were working from home and so didn’t notice that we’d accidentally replaced classes with bullshit specialists that nobody asked for or wanted”.

  • Meanwhile, other developers have worked from home and NOT delivered complete dumpster fires.

    Companies like EA of all people have no excuse, as they more than have the money to delay titles and/or vastly change their production pipelines to compensate far more than most… They just made the choice not to.

  • “Battlefield 2042 Is Currently $9 And What More Can We Really Say?”

    Buy an expensive coffee instead would be my suggestion

  • It was a poorly made, piss weak cash grab on an extinct Battlefield title from the past to get those Nostalgia $$$- nothing more.

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