Check Out A Trailer For That Self-Transforming Optimus Prime Figure’s Trailer

Check Out A Trailer For That Self-Transforming Optimus Prime Figure’s Trailer

Less than a year ago, Transformers fans’ mouths stood agape when Hasbro and Robosen Robotics revealed an absolutely amazing, fully programmable, 19-inch tall Optimus Prime figure that could transform from his robot form into his truck mode (and vice versa) with the touch of a button. But what’s Optimus Prime without that big-arse trailer he hauls behind him?

Hasbro and Robosen have teamed up again to give Optimus his trailer, which technically makes it an accessory, but in name only. This thing is immense — it measures three feet long! — and comes with an updated roller, driven by a tiny figure of Autobot pal Spike, as well. Both the trailer and roller are controlled via app or your voice as follows:

“A simple voice command opens the Trailer’s rear swing doors exposing the automatic lift gate, which Roller can drive up and down, and Optimus Prime can seamlessly tow the Trailer with the integrated fifth wheel coupling that easily attaches while operating in truck mode for a quick and realistic connection. Various battle modes stage Optimus Prime and Trailer in full combat and defensive positions and the Trailer can open while Optimus Prime tows via truck mode, exposing the sentry weapons to fire on the Decepticons during the chase.”

Here’s the catch: this “accessory” will run you $US750 ($1,041), which happens to be the same price as the Optimus Prime figure. Now, I fully concede that $US1,500 ($2,082) is a wild price to pay for an updated version of a deluxe action figure set that originally cost $US21.50 ($30) when it came out in 1986, but it does come in a protective storage case with a handle and with an “Autobot Magnetic Car Badge, Metal Challenge Coin, and Sticker Pack.” Does any of that sweeten the deal?

More importantly, those self-transforming Optimus Prime figures sold out fast, and I bet there are plenty of Transformers fans dying to give the Autobot leader his upgrade. So if you want one, you probably shouldn’t take long to check your account balance or credit card spending limit. You can pre-order the Trailer and Roller set at and And if you missed Optimus, you can (attempt) to snag one of this limited batch on here or here.