Elden Ring Characters Beat Each Other To A Pulp In Bonkers Tekken Mod

Elden Ring Characters Beat Each Other To A Pulp In Bonkers Tekken Mod

We’re one month removed from Elden Ring’s launch, probably FromSoftware’s biggest Souls-like release thus far, and the action-RPG is still top of folks’ minds. It’s still on mine, even if I managed to leave the Lands Between briefly to play Ghostwire: Tokyo. I love the characters and world of Elden Ring, but I never imagined them in Tekken 7. Well, that itch — if there ever was one — has been scratched by a modder who thought it’d be cool to see people like Melina and Radahn pummel each other in a different context.

A modder named Ultraboy took it upon themselves to replace a bunch of Tekken 7 characters with folks you meet — and fight — in Elden Ring. Dubbed “The Ultimate Elden Ring Mod,” and available from the site Tekken Mods, it swaps standard fighters like Kunimitsu and Lidia with Malenia and Melina, respectively. The Starscourge Radahn is here too (as the wrestler Marduk) as is the ethereal stead Torrent (replacing Kazumi’s tiger) along with four other Elden Ring characters.

Watch that video above. Did you have “Ranni the Witch beating the shit out of a Tarnished in the Raging Wolf armour set” on your bingo card? I sure as hell didn’t.

Bandai Namco published both games, so maybe you could stretch your imagination to say there are “lore reasons” for the two worlds to cross over. It wouldn’t be Tekken’s first crossover, and it certainly isn’t the game’s first mod. Even so, I’m mildly distressed to think that Radahn can now kick my arse in both Elden Ring and Tekken.

Kotaku has reached out to Ultraboy for comment.

Because the mod is so bonkers, it caught the attention of Tekken director and producer Katsuhiro Harada, who’s been tweeting about it in a seemingly approving way. However, it also appears he’s a bit tired of the copiousmisunderstandings” that result when players use mods and then complain about strange “bugs” to Namco Bandai’s support desk.

People are doing all kinds of silly things with FromSoftware’s latest, like summoning huge enemies you can’t normally call forth and making the game way harder than it already is. There’s even a mod that turns it into a surreal fever dream, with Homer Simpson fighting Shrek and Donkey. Keep the weird stuff coming, modders. I’m here for it.


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