Elden Ring Player Accidentally Turns Latenna Into Princess Mononoke

Elden Ring Player Accidentally Turns Latenna Into Princess Mononoke

Another day, another Elden Ring discovery, this time about Latenna.

Did you know that with a little encouragement, the Latenna spirit ash summon will mount aggressive wolves in your vicinity?

See for yourself:

Latenna the Albinuric is a spirit ash summon found after completing the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon beneath the southern ridge of Liurnia. Wolves are a big part of Latenna’s story. Her beloved companion wolf, Lobo, is beside her when you first encounter her. She considers Lobo to be her “better half,” and states that “having lost her beloved wolf companion, she cannot move from the place where she was summoned.”

The big hint is that Latenna would ride Lobo into combat. Which is exactly what she does in-game.

Reddit user neoPie discovered this entirely by accident. As neoPie attempts to battle back a slew of foes, a large wolf bounds up the stairs to land a hard bite. When neoPie attempts to back out of the fray, Latenna appears frozen for a moment. Then, she simply climbs aboard the wolf, turning it into a new ally, and begins firing arrows from its back.

Image: Studio Ghibli

The number of upvotes on the post indicates this was revelatory information for many players. Some users in the thread indicated they thought this might only work with specific wolves. Others told stories about spirit ash quirks they’d found — one user mentioned that the Noble Sorcerer is scared of dragons and will cower when summoned in a fight with them.

Discoveries like this Latenna quirk are still pouring out of Elden Ring, with players finding new and hidden secrets every day.

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