Elden Ring Randomiser Mod Makes Every Boss A Terrifying Surprise

Elden Ring Randomiser Mod Makes Every Boss A Terrifying Surprise

Elden Ring‘s mod scene grows by the day.

In a library that now covers everything from reskins to entirely new summons, one of the latest standouts is a mod that randomises boss encounters. Witness this insanity in motion:

Created by Matt Gruen, who has worked on a number of the most popular Elden Ring mods to date, the randomiser chooses from the game’s pool of bosses and drops them into an encounter. Gruen uploaded a clip to his Twitter to demonstrate the mod’s extremely high rate of Holy Shit moments. Gruen charges in to fight Margit, the Fell Omen and instead finds Starscourge Radahn lying in wait. Radahn is a boss from much later in the game. He is designed to be fought by players that have accrued some better gear than what they’d typically be wearing when they fought Margit.

Radahn is a giant man with two huge swords that rides around on a comically small horse. He’s usually fought in a large, open space where he can gallop around and make the most of his sweeping attacks. In that arena, he’s relatively easy to keep away from. On Margit’s tiny little bridge, he might as well be the Tasmanian Devil.

For those who’ve beaten the game and are now looking to ratchet the challenge even more, Gruen’s latest Elden Ring mod may do the trick.

And look, it could always be worse. It could always spawn Malenia.

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