The Nintendo Switch Lite Is Now Even Lighter On Your Wallet At $269

The Nintendo Switch Lite Is Now Even Lighter On Your Wallet At $269
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At this point in time, you’ve probably made up your mind over whether or not you want to buy a Nintendo Switch. We did just pass its fifth anniversary back in March, after all. However, if you’ve still been umm-ing and ahh-ing about picking one up recently, now might be the right time if you’re someone who favours portable experiences.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is currently on sale and its price has dropped down to a pretty nice $269, which will save you $60.95 off the RRP. That’s one of the cheapest prices we’ve seen for the Switch Lite, and also half the price of the recent Switch OLED Model.

You can pick up the Switch Lite on sale in grey here and turquoise here.

How does the Nintendo Switch Lite compare to other models?

The Nintendo Switch Lite Is Now Even Lighter On Your Wallet At $269

As mentioned before, the Switch Lite is designed for portable play. If the 3DS has been your Nintendo console of choice for the past decade, the Switch Lite might be the right device to fill that handheld-shaped hole in your life. It has a smaller screen, 5.5 inches compared to the standard Nintendo Switch’s 6.2 inches, and the Joy-Cons are permanently attached to the sides.

Most importantly, unlike the standard Switch, the Lite doesn’t support television mode. It’s handheld-only, so if you’re someone who prefers to do all their gaming on a big TV, you might be better off grabbing a standard version of the console. On the upside, the console’s in-built controls mean you won’t have to worry about the looming threat of the dreaded Joy-Con drift.

The Switch Lite has a battery life of about 3 to 7 hours, which is a bit longer than the Switch at launch, but a few hours shorter than the standard and OLED models. You can check out our review of the Switch Lite here, along with a breakdown of how it compares with the standard model.

You can grab the Nintendo Switch Lite on sale here. Just make sure you get in quick because there’s no telling when this offer will run out.

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  • I remember when the Lite came out grabbing three of them for $240 (I think it was) on some Ebay/Gamesmen deal.

    And then grabbing another one for $220 when The Good Guys did one of their famous stuff ups and mispriced it.

    I think these prices should be what this version of the switch goes for personally… Also got my 2nd normal switch for $350.00 from Amazons black Friday last year with MK8 as well…. I just love a good deal ;D

    • Yeah, Nintendo’s strategy of ‘premium pricing gives impression of premium product’ just makes them out to look like greedy arseholes, in my book. The BOM for Nintendo consoles naturally falls over time, but does Nintendo decrease the price of its products so it can reach a broader market? No. This is deliberate because Nintendo’s philosophy has always been that to reduce prices cheapens the image of the product. What outdated baloney! Make the Switch US$50 cheaper and they’d sell like hot cakes! And don’t get me onto Nintendo’s game prices!

      • Given that the Joycons fail after time and they’re one of the most expensive gaming controllers (sold under the premise that they’re in fact TWO controllers bundled together / eyeroll) it’s all kind of a big joke really…. BUT THATS NINTENDO!

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