Sega Says ‘Future Of Gaming’ Includes NFTs And Cloud Streaming

Sega Says ‘Future Of Gaming’ Includes NFTs And Cloud Streaming
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It seems, like some other big video game publishers, Sega is also interested in adding NFTs into future games as revealed in an interview with various executives and producers. During that same interview, Sega talked more about its “Super Game” projects, confirming that it will be more than one game and some of them could involve streaming and cloud gaming.

The interview was posted last month on Sega’s recruitment and careers website but was recently spotted and translated by VGC. In the interview, numerous Sega producers and execs shared more details about its “SuperGame” initiative, which the company first vaguely revealed late last year. And it seems NFTs might be involved.

According to Sega executive VP Shuji Utsumi, Super Game refers to more than one game, and will be a sort of banner that some future releases will be developed under. According to Utsumi, “SuperGames” will be “AAA titles that cross over SEGA’s comprehensive range of technologies” and will be part of a bigger five-year plan.

According to Utsumi, “several titles” are being developed under this Super Game “framework” though each title might be very different from another. He did explain that all of them will be “interactive titles that go beyond the traditional framework of games.” Sega execs pointed towards the rise of streaming and people who watch folks play games on Twitch as examples of how gaming has changed in recent years.

“I think there is great potential in the relationship between people who play and watch games,” Utsumi added. “We are thinking of creating new entertainment within these possibilities.”

Image: SEGAImage: SEGA

And yes, it seems some of these “SuperGames” could feature NFTs, as Sega producer Masayoshi Kikuchi explained during one part of the interview.

“Gaming has a history of expansion through the connection of various cultures and technologies,” said Kikuchi. “For example, social networking and game video viewing are recent examples.

“It is a natural extension for the future of gaming that it will expand to involve new areas such as cloud gaming and NFTs. We are also developing SuperGame from the perspective of how far different games can be connected to each other.”

Once again, we have another example of a company talking about NFTs in vague statements that don’t amount to much more than “Wow, that could be neat” or “Who knows!? One day…”.

Kotaku has contacted Sega about its NFT and cloud gaming comments.

Many consider NFT/blockchain tech to be a giant scam, filled with grifters and con artists looking to make a quick buck before the bubble bursts. There are also problems with how blockchain technology can lead to more e-waste as well as accelerate global warming, waste electricity and make it harder for folks to find and buy specific computer parts, like GPUs.

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We’ve already seen examples of companies, like Ubisoft, try and then quickly fail to integrate NFTs into their existing games. Likewise, even the so-called success stories tend to end in giant losses and embarrassing blunders.

A recent example: One hacker drained over 600 million from Axie Infinity due to a security exploit. Yet, because there is money to be made, big game companies will continue to push forward, even blaming their fans for not getting NFTs, while continuing to ignore all the criticism and backlash in the name of making a few quick bucks. Poor Sonic, you deserve better than this.



  • I have been a Sega kid since the Master System.

    My “Future Gaming” will be a catagorical rejection of any game company (and all their titles) if they add NFTs to a single game.

    Ubisoft is already black listed and unistalled.

    Real money transactions between gamers including crypto, will bring criminal and exploitative behaviour that ruins games.

    • You are aware that “criminal and exploitative behaviour that ruins games” has been going on with the AmeriKKKan Dollar and other currencies for at least two decades now, right? Those WoW gold farmers have been going at it for a while, even North Korea has been getting in on MMO farming to skirt by sanctions.

      How exactly does accepting bitcoin or ethererum for payments change that?

      • “Terrible thing in-game exists, therefore its okay if we allow another terrible thing in-game” is a smooth brain take.

        Go back to licking windows, its all you are good at mate.

  • Not a even a peep from Zack about SEGA’s current and ongoing involvement in gambling, an objectively socially destructive industry that’s known for facilitating money laundering in pursuit of making higher profits?

  • Never heard of anyone stealing 600 million dollars from a AAA Game developer!

    Grey and Black market gaming exists, but is still against terms of service and is policed as best it can be… especially even if you are a victim, there are account recovery options.

    Real Money or crypto transactions exponentially increases the exposure and risk… how many more gold farmers would be in WoW if they could cash out each day for real money, rather than sell it for cents to the dollar to shady markets. If Fortnite released an NFT, how high would account hacking increase.

    When Robloxs added a item trading market with real money cash out, hacking raised significantly and they use more sophisticated methods like SIM swapping users mobile phones (a mouthed for stealing bank accounts) to take Roblox cosmetics, like WTF!

    The ease of which an NFT (or any real money account) can be valued and sold, puts account theft at a higher risk… account recovery becomes exponentially impossible since NFTs are suppose to be limited and cost money to mint.

    But the examples you stated also prove… Games are not secure enough to be a financial system.

  • I understand why devs want NFTS so bad, they can make a TON of money in a really shitty way, makes sense, but WTF are so many devs focused on cloud streaming? Sure you can make games run on garbage pc’s or phones but its such a compromised experience. Why introduce lag or quality drops to a single player game? or introduce lag to MP games that potentially already have some…. its just such a bad idea that realistically only works in very select parts of the world who have access to really good internet…. and even then your game might turn to shit if somebody else in the house decided to start a download. Feels like its a way to not have to optimize their games

    • The main reason is the subscriptions, why sell a game, when you can force people to pay monthly to play the game. People will rationalise a subscription for a cost of a lunch per month… but people will overanalyse a full purchase game cause oh no, because metacritic score went below 90%.

      Its about trapping users into your ecosystems… which is funny that they are trying to chase a centralised business model for the last decade, while trying to exploit a decentralised currency model.

  • Sega should really focus on making good games again rather than this crap. This is the kind of thinking that takes you to Sonic werewolf.

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