The Best Kirby and the Forgotten Land Power-Ups To Reach Maximum Poyo Mode

The Best Kirby and the Forgotten Land Power-Ups To Reach Maximum Poyo Mode
Kirby keeps a Tommy for the foolery. (Image: Nintendo)

Having fully shifted into poyo-mode with roughly two-thirds (or three fifths, some sort of fraction. Maths is hard) of Kirby and the Forgotten Land finished, I can finally say I’ve nestled myself into a comfortable groove of go-to power load outs. Venturing out into the dystopian world with nothing but my wits and Kirby’s cuteness about me has become a cake walk, thanks to Kirby’s rad powers and their even radder evolutions. I’d even caution to say they’ve managed to offset the shock from viewing any of Kirby’s Mouthful Modes.

(I’m looking at you Initial D Karby. Like anatomically, how does he drive? Does he use his tongue?)

Anyway, in experimenting with different powers and becoming familiar with their use cases in several time-trial Treasure Hunts, I’ve started the habit of picking out three power abilities based on how drippy his fits are, along with how much light work they make out of enemies and boss fights.

Honorable mentions to the Bayonetta Witch Time (or JoJo’s The World stand) time stopping power Time Crash and the Katamari Damacy-esque Clutter Needle. Y’all were fun but I couldn’t see myself using you that often. Without further ado, here’s my top three powers in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Meta Knight Sword

I need more power, poyo. (Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku)I need more power, poyo. (Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku)

While I was impressed with Meta Knight’s valiant effort to best me while we duked it out in the Colosseum, his moveset proved to be in the hands of an amatuer and needed guidance from Kirby’s pink nubs to reach their full potential. After handing Meta Knight his iron-clad arse, I unlocked the schematics for the Meta Knight Sword.

While the sword power does your usual fair of poking, slashing, and prodding enemies to death, Kirby adorned in the fallen Meta Knight armour, equipped with cute little wings to boot, allows him to dish out even more powerful attacks imbued with a dark purple aura that erupts into bats. Sword strikes, charged strikes, and jump attacks swing with a lot more mustard behind their arcs. The Meta Knight Sword gives you a smoking, sexy stylish animation to boot. I can see why a Grammy was given to 8-Bit Big Band for their rendition of “Meta Knight’s Revenge.” This shit slaps both in game and on my playlist.

Homing Bomb

If at first you don't succeed, bomb bomb again.  (Image: Nintendo)If at first you don’t succeed, bomb bomb again. (Image: Nintendo)

Kirby + bomb was a god-like combo against enemies, especially when I spammed the move in a corner against bosses, or when I pulled off its evolution, which involved chaining bombs together. As a dabbler in bomb characters with my time having served as Junkrat in Overwatch, I thought I had it made in the shade and the ability couldn’t possibly get any better, HAL exceeded my expectations by giving the power the third evolution in Homing Bomb, forever locking this power into my go-to loadout.

Homing Bomb not only works like its previous evolutions in its spammage and damage, but it also goes the extra mile by patrolling the area for enemies. Once it’s locked eyes on a target, it makes a break for them and ka-pow, complete annihilation. Homing Bomb reliably made short work of any enemy, reminding them that Kirby isn’t trapped on a map with them, they’re trapped on a map with him.

Noble Ranger

So anyway, I started blasting.So anyway, I started blasting.

While I thought Kirby being strapped with a heater as a Ranger was already reason enough for how bonkers Forgotten Land was going to be, I popped off the moment I evolved the power into Noble Ranger. What’s better than Kirby packing one gun? Two obviously. He even gets a fancy feathered hat to let the enemy know he means business.

The Noble Ranger quickly became the power I default to because of how versatile it is with crowd control and how powerful its charged shot is when hitting airborne bosses. My adorable little marksman looks like he’s dual-wielding two blunderbuss and I’m proud of him having good trigger discipline on account of him not having fingers. We’re going to ignore how he’s able to shoot, just like we ignore how he’s able to drive. Kirby dual-wielding guns is a goated power up and God help anyone who dares cross Kirby while he’s strapped with that iron.

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