Instead Of Buying Twitter, Here’s What Elon Musk Could Have Done With $61.4 Billion

Instead Of Buying Twitter, Here’s What Elon Musk Could Have Done With $61.4 Billion

It’s official, Elon Musk has successfully acquired Twitter at the low price of $US44 (converted to AUD is $61.4) billion. Yikes.

In a move he says is to uphold and protect freedom of speech on his favourite app, Elon will now make Twitter a privately held company.

There are a lot of things that Elon Musk would buy just for the sake of it and time has shown that if Elon says he wants to do something, chances are he is going to do it.

Heck, he made his decision to make Twitter a privately held company based on a poll he put on yep, you guessed it, Twitter. Here we are, in the Musk Twitterverse. Things are bound to get very interesting as we see where he takes the app.

In the meantime, what’s even more baffling is how much he paid to acquire the iconic bluebird app. We can’t help but think of all the things you can buy with $61.4 billion. In fact, there’s very little you can’t buy.

So here’s our list of nine things Elon could have done with $61.4 billion instead of buying Twitter.

1. End world hunger (or significantly help it at least)

While it isn’t Elon Musk’s duty to end world hunger or poverty, wouldn’t you think that it would be a more ethical way to use your money?

Elon himself offered to pay to end world hunger if the UN could show how $6 billion could be used to overcome the issue. The UN’s World Food Program detailed how their $6.6 billion proposal could help 42 million vulnerable people survive in 2022.

$6.6 billion doesn’t seem like all too much considering how much Elon spent on buying Twitter, so why not?

2. End of homelessness in America

Image: Getty

Before Musk goes and ventures off into space, why doesn’t he take a brief moment to help some of the issues in his own country?

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, it would cost around $US20 (A$27) billion to end homelessness in the United States.

That’s not even half of how much he bought Twitter for.

Again, if the world we lived in made billionaires donate their money to help others, we might be living in a better world. But hey, that’s not life.

3. A one-way ticket to space

Elon Musk Twitter Purchase
Image: Gizmodo Australia

Space exploration has been at the forefront of Elon’s work for quite a while now. Just recently he expressed his befuddlement at how people may not be able to afford his $138,820 SpaceX tickets to Mars.

Considering the cost of the tickets is just spare change to Elon, why doesn’t he just buy one and set himself on a solo, one-way trip to space.

I don’t think Mars has Wi-Fi yet (I’m sure it’s coming soon), which means that Elon won’t be able to tweet for a while.

Just think of the peace.

4. An island, several actually

Image: JamesEdition

Turns out it’s pretty easy to buy an island when you’re one of the richest people on Earth. Even easier when they are always popping up for sale! How nifty.

Apparently, one of the most expensive islands to buy is located in the Maldives (no surprise) and is currently listed at $US91,063,635 (around A$126.7 million).

The island has a completed resort fit with its own airport and a lease period of 50 years. Perfect for Elon to snap up and stay in (hopeful) isolation on.

5. 82,000,000 PS5s

Image: PlayStation

The infamously hard to find PlayStation 5 costs around $750 in Australia, depending on where you buy it from.

At that cost, Elon could have bought around 82,00,000 (rounding up) PS5s. Care to spare me one or two, Elon?

6. 342,799 Teslas

Image: Tesla

If my maths serves me correctly (please don’t hold me to it, I dropped year 10 maths) with $61.4 billion, Elon could buy around 329,000 brand new Tesla Model S Plaid editions in Australia.

Surely that will bring a nice bump up in sales for him which will ultimately give him more money, no?

Again, I would love a Telsa, so Elon if you could shout us some, that would be amazing.

7. Some timber to build a shack on Mars

Elon Musk Twitter purchase
Image: Gizmodo Australia

Seeing as though he’s so keen to get up there, why shouldn’t Elon just buy a couple of handy slabs of timber and set up camp for himself on the Red Planet.

Good ol’ Bunnings sells timber at the low, low cost of $1.30 per metre. Reckon he can afford it?

8. All of Sydney’s most expensive homes, including Mike Canon-Brookes’ $100 million mansion

Image: Domain/

Australia’s most expensive city, Sydney, has had some pretty eye-watering residential sales over the past few years. The most notable (and most expensive house in Australia) is Mike Canon-Brookes’ $100 million purchase in Point Piper.

In total, all six of Sydney’s most expensive residential sales come to around $464 million. To many of us, owning that amount of money is unimaginable but to Elon, that’s probably the cost of his toilet paper.

9. 61.4 billion 7/11 Slurpees

Image: Gizmodo Australia

Large size, obviously.

Now, this is what I call a good investment.

Wow, all the things you can buy and yet, Elon chose Twitter. Isn’t being a billionaire just incredible?

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