This Heardle Clone Tests Just How Well You Know Video Game Music

This Heardle Clone Tests Just How Well You Know Video Game Music

No, it’s not a Wordle clone. It’s a Heardle clone. A clone of a Wordle clone. A Wordle clone clone, you could say.

Heardle has to be one of my favourite Wordle spin-offs out of the many that exist, aside from High Score Day (which now has themes for each round, very cool!). While some of the songs are quite predictable, there’s been a lot of tunes pop up that I truly have never heard in my 346 years living on this planet as an undead bog witch.

As High Score Day played on the nature of Wordle to have us guess five games based on screengrabs, we now have a new game that plays on the nature of Heardle (which plays on the nature of Wordle, but is more far removed from other clones) in the aptly-named Videogame Heardle.

If you consider yourself a video game music aficionado, then Videogame Heardle is the game for you. Made by g0m and based on the code from the original clone, each day brings a new song from a video game soundtrack. What makes this rendition a little easier is that you’re not expected to guess the exact song from a game, but rather just what game the song came from.

Considering just how iconic some video game soundtracks are, this really just feels like a natural progression. I could go on and on about how much talent is needed to make music that not only represents a game, but also can sit comfortably in the background without being distracting and loop without being annoying. However, that’s a yarn for another time.

Something special that Videogame Heardle has done for me personally that I didn’t find with the regular Heardle was the moment I got the song right, I immediately opened up the full video game soundtrack and chucked it on. Video game music just hits different.

If you’d like to try Video Game Heardle for yourself and prove your OST knowledge, you can check it out here.


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