What Are You Playing This Easter Long Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Easter Long Weekend?
Image: Nintendo

Friends, it is the Easter long weekend. Four beautiful days off in a row, a true bounty.

With all that time up our sleeves, imagine all the games we can catch up on. So, what’s on the docket for the next four days?

I’m planning a long Sea of Thieves voyage with friends on Friday. It’s been a little while since we’ve been able to play, and I’m really looking forward to getting our beloved HMAS Fangly back on the ocean. Why’s it called the Fangly? Dumb story. Maybe I’ll tell you someday.

Beyond that, god help me I’m back on my Hitman BS. A long-time idle goal of mine is to 100% the entire Hitman: World of Assassination trilogy. Its not something I grind away at, I just tick off a challenge or an escalation whenever the mood strikes. With the whole series now on Game Pass for PC though, I can finally knock over a few of those challenges that require sniper rifles and precise aiming. They’re so hard to do on a console, so I’m gonna carve out time to knock a few over.

Ruby tells me she’s playing Ghostwire: Tokyo and that it better go easy on her because she is just a small baby who is easily scared. She supplied a picture to ram the point home:

What Are You Playing This Easter Long Weekend?
Image: Ruby Innes/Kotaku Australia: A self portrait of the artist in her element.

But that’s just what’s on our docket for the weekend. This is about you lot. What’s on for you this weekend? Picking up anything new? Pulling something off the pile of shame? Are you, like me, deeply upset that we can’t have a Formula 1 race in Melbourne every weekend (we need a support group, honestly). Please sound off in the comments and tell us what you’re up to!

And that’s it for us this week. We’ve scheduled a whole heap of content for the site over the weekend which should see us through to Easter Monday. Some of its older stuff that we’ve updated to remain pertinent, some of it’s sparkly fresh and new! We hope you like it.

As always, thank you for hanging out with us, we appreciate you being here. No matter what you wind up doing over the long weekend, please stay safe, stay well, and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday morning.

Happy Easter.


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