Dimension 20’s Next Season Shines A Light On Some Very Silly Vampires

Dimension 20’s Next Season Shines A Light On Some Very Silly Vampires

With each new season, Dropout’s Dimension 20 series takes viewers on a new adventure, played through either Dungeons & Dragons or another tabletop RPG. After going to space with the recently concluded Starstruck Odyssey, the popular webseries is pivoting to vampires for season 13.

Announced earlier today, Coffin Run is a comedic road trip focused on four members of Dracula’s entourage, dubbed in the trailer as the “Fang Gang.” After the dark lord goes and gets himself almost killed, it falls to them to transport him back to his hometown in Transylvania to heal up. After all, if Dracula dies, then they all die, an experience that none of them are keen on experiencing.

The cast is mostly made up of D20 veterans: Zac Oyama (from the Starstruck season, along with Fantasy High and Unsleeping City) plays Squing, a “sweet little ancient timeless boy;” Izzy Roland from The Seven plays Aleksandr Astrovsky, a doctor with a truly wild Transylvanian accent. The Seven and Misfits & Magic’s Erika Ishii is Dracula’s apparent “lady wife,” May Wong; and Pirates of Leviathan’s Carlos Luna plays Wetzel, a guy who really wants to be a bloodsucker like the rest of the party. Serving as game master will be Twitch streamer Jasmine Bhullar, whose previous work includes Seattle By Night, an Actual Play series set in the world of Vampire: The Masquerades, and Relics & Rarities. Bhullar marks the third person to take over GM duties from D20’s original Game Master: the first was Aabria Iyengar with Misfits, followed more recently by Gabe Hicks during Shriek Week.

Like most D20 seasons, Coffin will be played using the 5th edition of D&D, though with some additional homebrewed elements. On D20’s Discord, Bhullar explained that she crafted the campaign’s world primarily around Bram Stoker’s Dracula, saying that 5e offered the cast the freedom to “go wild” without having to play with the politics of Vampire or other settings in the “World of Darkness.” As a fan of Vampire, though, Bhullar added she would be absolutely down to do a campaign for D20 if they ever used the system.

Dimension 20: Coffin Run begins its six-episode run on June 8.


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