Fighting Game Tournament BAM 2022 Returns To Melbourne Next Week

Fighting Game Tournament BAM 2022 Returns To Melbourne Next Week
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Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM), Australia’s biggest open entry fighting game tournament, will hold its first in-person event since the beginning of the pandemic next week.

BAM 2022 will return to its home at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 13-15. BAM is always a special and different experience because the fighting game community (FGC) is different to any other crowd in competitive gaming. Beyond the desire to win, the FGC loves technical play as much as the drama of a close match. They get pretty rowdy when fights are underway, but it’s always in good fun and part of the show.

In the past, the show has played host to the Capcom Pro Tour. Becoming part of that travelling competition brought some of the fighting game world’s biggest names to Australia. The Oceania stop on the Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour in 2017 saw Daigo Umehara, the legendary player behind the greatest parry in Street Fighter history, warming up against punters before taking the stage for his bouts.

This year, BAM will host tournaments around Street Fighter, Tekken, Guilty Gear Strive and Super Smash Bros. Although into the late registration period now, players are still encouraged to sign up if they’d like to enter.

However, BAM will expand its focus in 2022 and plans to go even bigger next year. Beyond the many tournaments, the show will also host free play areas, an indie game arcade, cosplay competitions, an artist’s alley, and a BYOC PC LAN.

The show will be held following current COVID-safe advice for conventions and exhibitions so make sure you bring a mask and hand sani.

Tickets to BAM 2022 are on sale now. A spectator pass for those who wish to watch the tournaments as they play out and wander about the show will set you back $25. Single-day BYOC PC passes are $30 each. A Late Registration Player Pass will run you $70.

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