Fortnite Tears Down The Last Of PlayStation’s Walled Garden, Allows Shared Wallet

Fortnite Tears Down The Last Of PlayStation’s Walled Garden, Allows Shared Wallet
Image: Epic Games

If you’ve ever tried to hop between Fortnite accounts on different platforms, you may have noticed that not all V-Bucks wallets are created equal. After many years, that has finally changed.

Epic Games announced via the official Fortnite blog that PlayStation platforms have joined the ranks of those already using the shared wallet system.

The shared wallet system allows Fortnite players to access their V-Bucks, the game’s digital currency, no matter which system they play the game on. Previously, players who purchased V-Bucks on PlayStation platforms could only spend those V-Bucks on PlayStation platforms. This stood in contrast to, as an example, the Xbox Series S version of the game and the PC version, which allow for a shared wallet.

With this change, PlayStation joins Xbox, PC, Android, and cloud gaming services on Team Shared Wallet. With this change, the Nintendo Switch port becomes the last remaining wallet-locked version of Fortnite. With PlayStation joining the shared wallet crew, the last vestige of its former walled garden crumbles. PlayStation was infamously resistant to Fortnite‘s cross-platform ambitions. Sony eventually caved when it became clear how firmly against the tide of public opinion it was attempting to swim.

An important corollary to this story is that any V-Bucks earned via the game’s Battle Pass, Save The World mode, or Quest Packs are exempt from the wallet lock. Those will transfer across every version of the game. The wallet lock ONLY applies to V-Bucks purchased from the in-game store.


  • I don’t think the court of public opinion was the driving reason for softening their stance. (Definitely a part, just not as big as some people think)
    They were pretty blunt about not seeing the direct benefit and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some additional deals done on top to sweeten the pot.
    (Unreal, PC ports etc)

    To put it another way, the house always wins so I see this more as a win for Epic and Sony and we just so happen to benefit.
    Well, not me specifically, I don’t play Fortnight and can count my MTX’s on one hand.

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