Genji Can Deflect Bastion’s New Ultimate In Overwatch 2 Because OFC He Can

Genji Can Deflect Bastion’s New Ultimate In Overwatch 2 Because OFC He Can
Image: Blizzard Entertainment (with commentary by Kotaku Australia)

Overwatch 2 beta players have figured out that Genji can deflect Bastion’s new ultimate.

That sound you can hear is a hundred thousand support mains groaning “of course he can,” in unison.

As pointed out by Overwatch content creator MixedFreight, Bastion’s powerful new airstrike ultimate is a projectile, which means Genji’s Deflect move can simply negate it altogether

Not content with merely proving Genji can deflect the move, MixedFreight took his discovery further. Though the ultimate arrives from above like a mortar shelling, MixedFreight wanted to see if it could be deflected offensively. Dropping several Genjis into a custom game, MixedFreight was able to prove that, yes, the ultimate can be deflected into the enemy team.

Please do not do this to me in-game. It will make me very unhappy. Takes me back to the when people realised you could deflect Hanzo’s dragon ultimate if you timed it right.

Is this something Blizzard expected, or the unintended consequence of giving a character the ability to deflect almost every damage type in the game? What I do know is it’s nice to see people are still figuring out the bs Genji’s second most powerful move can accomplish. Bastion players are already wary of the Genji main. His mounted turret, terrifying to every other hero, was an effortless counter for Genji. With the Bastion’s absurdly powerful rework currently dominating the Overwatch 2 beta, it was only a matter of time before a Genji weeb rose up to stop him.

The deflect move renders Genji temporarily invulnerable to incoming projectile damage. Any deflected damage becomes Genji’s to wield. Careful players can adjust the angle of Genji’s sword to send that damage back to the enemy.

Anyway, Bastion mains, consider yourselves on notice. You know the Genji mains are going to practice this until they have it down perfect.

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