Ghostwire: Tokyo Is 50% Off So Here’s Your Excuse To Go Full Ghostbusters On Some Yokai

Ghostwire: Tokyo Is 50% Off So Here’s Your Excuse To Go Full Ghostbusters On Some Yokai
Image: Bethesda
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Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo is one of those games that reminds us of a little bit of everything. From its “Dishonoured set in modern-day Japan” vibes to a bit of Parasyte nostalgia and some Doctor Strange-esque spell techniques, there’s so much to appreciate about this game.

While it was only released at the end of March, the game is already on sale for a whopping 50% off. Considering that March was full of other hot new releases from major franchises such as Kirby as well as Gran Turismo, it makes sense that this ghost-hunting adventure may have taken a backseat for some of you. But lucky for those of you who kept putting off grabbing a copy, because now you get to reap the rewards.

For a limited time, you can snag yourself a copy of Ghostwire: Tokyo on PS5 or PC for 50% off from Amazon Australia. That brings it all the way down to $49, from a retail price of $99.95. If you don’t, this deal might just haunt you forever. Or our very own resident goblin Ruby will, which might be even worse.

So what’s Ghostwire: Tokyo all about?

ghostwire tokyo cheapest copies
Image: Tango Gameworks/Bethesda

Ghostwire: Tokyo takes place (unsurprisingly) in the supernatural, neon-lit streets of Tokyo. In the game, you’ll play as a man named Akito, whose right hand is possessed by a spirit known only as KK. He develops supernatural powers that allows him to see spirits and shoot elemental magic from his fingertips, which can be best described as an “Urban Wizard” .

The game begins on the streets of Shibuya, where a mysterious fog rolls has claimed the lives of hundreds (if not thousands) of mortals in an event dubbed “The Mass Vanishing”. Together with his hand, Akito aspires to find out what caused the vanishing and to check in on his sick sister, Mari, who’s currently in the nearby hospital. Of course, nothing is ever simple. Akito will need to face a mysterious, masked man who calls himself, Hannya. This fellow is responsible for creating all of those malevolent forces, from summoning evil spirits to sealing others away in cages across the city.

The creators were inspired by Japanese culture as well as its folklore and urban legends. One example of a popular urban legend that’s found in the game is the Kuchisake-Onna, which translates to “slit-faced woman”. This supernatural figure from Japanese ghost stories will ask its visitors if you think she’s beautiful or not. Of course, it’s a trick question because whether you agree or not, she’s going to butcher you either way.

Aside from Japan’s rich folklore, you’ll also explore serious themes such as grief and what people will do to reunite with their lost ones or pull a loved one back from the brink of death. But with a dash of vengeance in for good measure.

A very important feature that has been championed by fans all over is how… pet-friendly the game is. There’s a plethora of cute cats and dogs you can pet, and that’ll even help guide you in the right direction as you explore Tokyo’s dark alleyways and towering cityscapes. In a very Elder Scrolls-esque type situation, you’ll see cats manning storefronts, selling you wares like the Khajiit merchant vans you’ll catch touring Skyrim.

Gameplay-wise, reviews have been mixed, with a few remarking that the combat is pretty weak. AI opponents prefer to circle around you or outright attack and if you’re ever outnumbered, then they’ll only attack you one at a time.

While that sounds pretty repetitive (unless you’re one of those people who “play for story”), the game includes four difficulty modes for you to choose from. So while Ghostwire: Tokyo may not force you to re-strategise in every fight, you’ll at least have the option to face a harder slog.

You can pick up a PS5 copy of Ghostwire: Tokyo here or the PC version here for $49 (down from $99.95).

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