Upcoming Indie Game Snaccoon Will Let You Live Out Your Trash-Loving Dreams

Upcoming Indie Game Snaccoon Will Let You Live Out Your Trash-Loving Dreams
Image: Christian Sparks

I am a simple fella. I see putrid garbage on the street, and I simply want to live and breathe amongst it. Now, thanks to developer Christian Sparks, I may soon be able to do that in Snaccoon.

Snaccoon, according to Sparks’ development blog, started out in April 2020 after Sparks had finished up a nice round of burnout, stating that he ‘started playing around’ with a raccoon asset from Unreal Engine 4.

He writes that within ‘a few weeks’, he had built in locomotion systems into the asset to allow for ‘parkour’ movements similar to Assassin’s Creed‘s automated climbing and traversal, as well as ‘more robust camera controls & head tracking, item interaction, motion matching for stances, and even climbing’. This work resulted in the video below.

Despite some delays due to other projects, it now looks like Sparks is back working on Snaccoon, and everyone is better off for it. The game looks to be an Unreal Engine-based stealth and exploration game where you play as a raccoon that runs around and explores the city in a noble quest to find treats among the garbage. This could be viewed by many as pure and unadulterated wish fulfilment.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll see Snaccoon coming very soon, what’s available right now looks very promising. Sparks explains that despite his biggest blockers being ‘burnout’ and his own indecisiveness’ on what to work on next, titles like Stray and Little Kitty Big City have given him the inspiration to go back to Snaccoon.

It’s all I want. It’s all I need. (Image: Christian Sparks)

Another big plus is just how much support and encouragement Sparks has received after showing off the prototype. Upon the release of this development blog, much excitement has ensued from people desperate to get their little rat hands on the game, leading Sparks to post this update:

Holy cow. Okay, I’ve got some planning to do, but I’m going to focus my available focus/energy (outside of my day job obvi) on Snaccoon. Thank you very, very much to everyone who responded, reached out, read the post etc. While I was NOT expecting this kind of a response, I’m very grateful for the encouragement, and I’ll do my best to turn this into something you can play at some point. Follow @snaccoongame on Twitter for updates, & this website you’re on right now for future blog posts/bigger updates.

Here’s hoping we’ll see more from Sparks, because I personally am more than ready to be a nasty little trash guy in the big city. For more updates, you can follow Sparks’ Twitter page for Snaccoon.

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