Kingdom Hearts Gets A Special Mention In The Newest… Taco Bell Ad

Kingdom Hearts Gets A Special Mention In The Newest… Taco Bell Ad

Here’s some words you wouldn’t expect to see together: The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza rap includes a line about Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

For a bit of context on the Mexican Pizza itself, Taco Bell introduced the item to its menu in 1985 as the ‘Pizazz Pizza’, and according to NPR it was a favourite among South Asian communities. Unfortunately, the item was discontinued in 2020. Truly tragic.

Luckily, this year has seen the return of the Mexican Pizza on Taco Bell menus. Unluckily, many are saying that it is absolute garbage. For a clear review of the item, I present to you one of my favourite YouTubers Reviewbrah’s take on it:

So let us cycle back now. Why am I, a video games writer, talking about the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell? Can the Mexican Pizza run DOOM? Is it shaped like a Pokémon?

No. None of these. For reasons I can only describe as ‘flow’ and ‘it rhymes’, the promotional video for Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza makes a reference to Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Have a listen below.

The line, to be specific, is ‘key to my heart like Sora’, referencing how the pizza directly targets ones aorta being akin to the Keyblade that Sora wields in Kingdom Hearts.

In beautiful fashion, Japanese Twitch streamer and business owner Aitaikimochi made her own rendition of the promotional video.

This is, of course, not the first time we’ve seen a rap reference a video game or video game character (TheGamer has a great list here of just a few video game references in hip-hop). This isn’t even the first time, very specifically, we’ve seen a popular RPG connected to a fast-food chain, which brings me to my favourite collaboration of all time that this reminded me of.

The Dominos Australia x Final Fantasy XIV Online bundle.

Image: Dominos / Square Enix / Kotaku Australia

I think about this collaboration more than I should. It’s so goofy to me. I often wonder how many people got into Final Fantasy XIV Online purely from this pizza bundle. It brings me great joy.

While this collaboration is obviously a lot more elaborate than Sora getting namedropped in a Taco Bell ad, I for one would love to jump into Kingdom Hearts 4 and have Goofy threaten my life unless I buy a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza.

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