Let Me Solo Her Continues To Slay In Elden Ring, Plans To Livestream 1000th Malenia Fight

Let Me Solo Her Continues To Slay In Elden Ring, Plans To Livestream 1000th Malenia Fight

The legend themselves Let Me Solo Her is reaching an absolute milestone in Elden Ring tomorrow: their 1000th kill of Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

You may remember Let Me Solo Her from their ongoing support of other Elden Ring players on PC, heeding the call from those attempting to vanquish Malenia and beating her all on their own. The people love them for it.

They’re, of course, not to be mistaken for Let Her Solo Me, who dresses identically to the fabled hero only to walk up to Malenia and let her absolutely slaughter them. Let Me Solo Her skips into battle wielding two katanas, wearing only underpants and a jar on their head, and beats Malenia with great ease. They are very different.

Klein Tsuboi, the player behind Let Me Solo Her, announced on Reddit that they are very close to 1000 kills of Malenia, and will be streaming the event live on their YouTube channel.

The stream (in Australia) will occur on Wednesday, May 11th at 8:00 am AEST. Pop this one in your calendars if you’re keen!

While this is a huge milestone for Tsuboi, it looks like they have no plans to stop solo-ing Malenia, at least until another worthy beast shows up. Later in the same Reddit thread, they mention that they “hope a DLC will come through” that presents another boss to master, mentioning that their plight came after being inspired by a summon in Dark Souls 3.

“Back in Dark Souls 3 I was captivated by a summon who solo’d Darkeater Midir for me,” they said. “[I] wanted to be like him one day, and here we are.” It seems that legend walked so Let Me Solo Her could run and isn’t that just beautiful to see?

The tale of Let Me Solo Her will surely go down in Elden Ring history, as well as their relentless journey to slay Malenia as many times as they have. Once again, you can tune into the livestream on Wednesday, May 11th at 8:00 am AEST on Klein Tsuboi’s YouTube channel.


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