More Cancelled Kirby Game Footage Appears Online, Making Me Long For What Could’ve Been

More Cancelled Kirby Game Footage Appears Online, Making Me Long For What Could’ve Been

Alas, we have been gifted even more footage of a Kirby game we will never be able to play.

Kirby Adventure was a planned title for the Nintendo GameCube. It was meant to be the next mainline Kirby game after Kirby 64 (Kirby Air Ride doesn’t count because it’s a racing game), but was also one of three Kirby games planned for the GameCube era. According to an old Iwata Asks interview with four members of HAL Laboratory, the team had started working on Kirby Adventure almost immediately after Kirby 64.

As you all know, I am a big-time Kirb-head. I love the little guy, and the Nintendo GameCube was pretty much where my home console gaming began. The idea of a Kirby game on the GameCube is very delicious to me and learning that there were plans for ones that eventually got canned breaks my poor little heart.

While Kirby Adventure for the GameCube is definitely old news, we do seem to have some… new news… in the form of more footage from E3 2005, where the game was first shown off.

YouTuber Foulowe59 has been collecting footage over the past few years of the cancelled Kirby Adventure game, as well as all sorts of other archival video game footage and advertisements. They posted the full E3 2005 trailer of Kirby Adventure, which you can check out below.

Watching this trailer is bittersweet, as while I’m a sucker for lost media and seeing cancelled game content come out of the woodworks, this is definitely a game I would’ve been obsessed with as a kid. Now fast forward to the present day, and the same YouTube account has posted a teeny-tiny snippet of content not shown in the trailer above.

You’ve got to wonder just what plans they had for this game. Obviously, it doesn’t look like a gritty retelling of the Kirby story, but it’s strangely dull in comparison to other super-colourful Kirby games. Considering the folks over at HAL have been willing to talk about it before, one can only hope that an unfinished demo of the game pops up out of nowhere so we can see what they were going for.

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