The Nintendo Switch Sports Squirrel Says Furry Rights

The Nintendo Switch Sports Squirrel Says Furry Rights

Nintendo is adding a collection of new reward items to Nintendo Switch Sports this week, including a purple squirrel character as a Completion Bonus.

Among the new items, used to flex on other players in Online games, are new hairstyles, glasses, lanyards, reactions, and clothing. And then there’s a purple squirrel person that looks remarkably like a Mii in a fursuit.

nintendo switch sports squirrel

Here’s the full list of new gear, and the squirrel, straight from the Nintendo Switch Sports website:

Completion bonus: Squirrel Body


  • Lotus Ensemble
  • Lotus Hat
  • Tracksuit (Floral)
  • Round Glasses (Lime)

Hairstyle/Hair Color

  • Two-Block Cut
  • Green


  • Good Luck Friend
  • Fired-Up Friend
  • Surprised Friend
  • Nervous Friend

Titles 1

  • Infinite
  • 1-Up
  • Dash
  • Jump

Titles 2

  • Hardy
  • Sauce
  • Fresh
  • Produce

These items can be earned in-game until June 1st, 2022. After that, they’ll go into the vault and who knows when the purple squirrel will appear again.

As far as I’m aware, this squirrel body is the only expressly non-human avatar in Nintendo Switch Sports. What’s surprising to me is that Nintendo created a new character for this instead of reaching into its own stable. I mean, Star Fox is right there. I am sure the furry community will appreciate this unexpected representation.

Anyway, Nintendo Switch Sports says “furry rights.”


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