Palworld, AKA Pokémon With Shotguns, Gets A Batshit New Trailer

Palworld, AKA Pokémon With Shotguns, Gets A Batshit New Trailer
Image: Pocketpair Games

Palworld, the violent genre mish-mash and Pokémon knock-off I simply cannot stop thinking about no matter how hard I try, has a new trailer.

Palworld is a game that sits somewhere between PokémonMonster Hunter, and a third-person shooter. It also features crafting, farming and base building elements found in many wholesome cozy games popular with the cottagecore crowd. What has made Palworld standout from the crowd is its willingness to let the player pick up a shotgun and unleash it on the happy little monsters in its world.

If that sounds cooked to you, that’s because it kind of is. Observe:

It is incredibly weird to watch a little anime man charge up to a creature that, for all intents and purposes, appears to be a Pokémon and just unload a 12 gauge into its face. The violence is bloodless, true enough, but it also runs completely counter to what I’ve been trained to expect from games like this. Because of this, the trailer hit me like a psychic haymaker. To be clear, I don’t object to it, I think what the devs are doing here is very interesting indeed. It merely snaps my brain in half every time I think about it.

A few Palworld trailer highlights:

  • A deer Pokémon getting sniped with a bow and arrow.
  • A boss that looks suspiciously like Lucario and shooting him in the face
  • A pack of Definitely Not Snorlax
  • Running over a little green Eevee with a big deer guy
  • The throwing of a Spherical Monster Capture Device that, for legal purposes, is definitely not a Pokéball.

There’s still a long way to go before Palworld arrives on Steam, even in early access. Features still to come, according to do developer Pocketpair Games include breeding, factory automation, multiplayer, dungeon exploration and, concerningly, “crime”.

You can find out more about Palworld over at its Steam page.


  • Looks like another one of those games where the devs keep tacking shit on just because, without any consideration or thought as to whether the new things fits or makes any fuckin’ sense in their own game’s universe. Like they just buy a bunch of cheap assets and throw them in haphazardly anytime someone has a new “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” moment.

    Hard pass.

  • This takes me back to my dreams of ‘Turok: Pokemon Hunter’ or ‘Pokemon: Safari’.

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