Prominent PUBG Data Leaker Claims Private Investigator Showed Up At Their House

Prominent PUBG Data Leaker Claims Private Investigator Showed Up At Their House

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) data miner PlayerIGN has claimed that a private investigator hired by developer Krafton has shown up at their house.

Ongoing games like Fortnite and PUBG are pretty much always facing leaks. It’s just what happens when you have a live service game with a constant stream of new content. You make people hungry for more. And when they want more, they’ll do anything to get that next bit of content.

That means games like these generally have data miners dedicated to uncovering their every little secret. One of these data miners is PlayerIGN, who has been a consistent source of PUBG leaks for a while now, among many others.

We rarely see the developers and publishers of these games get big mad about datamines, and this is usually because it’s free advertising. However, it looks like PUBG developer might be one of the incredibly rare cases that not only isn’t happy with the leaks, but has allegedly gone to wild lengths to make them stop.

According to a TwitLonger posted by dataminer PlayerIGN, a private investigator presumably sent by Krafton showed up at their front door last week. The private investigator allegedly handed them a letter asking them to take down all posts regarding PUBG leaks, as well as asking for ‘a full accounting’ of how much revenue they make from the leaks and any direct messages regarding leaks.

PlayerIGN also notes that the leaks they receive aren’t them ‘seeking out people/systems for info, but mostly vice versa’. They also expand on how they access datamines of PUBG skins, mentioning they are ‘from a website that gets updated early right before Test Server goes up,’ that ‘it’s HTML,’ and that they ‘right-click and save the images’. Pretty simple stuff.

As of writing, PlayerIGN and Krafton have not posted any updates regarding the situation.

Update: This article has been amended to remove mention of Evangelion and Baby Shark collaborations with PUBG. Considering these are collaborations with PUBG: Mobile, which is completely separate to PUBG: Battlegrounds, the mentions are irrelevant due to PlayerIGN’s sole involvement in PUBG: Battlegrounds leaks, not PUBG Mobile leaks.

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