Ruby Recommends: NovaZone’s Kingdom Hearts Retrospective

Ruby Recommends: NovaZone’s Kingdom Hearts Retrospective
Image: Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia

Hello again gamers, goblins, and ghouls. I’m back again this week to give you another Ruby Recommends!

As you know, I’m an absolute fiend for a good deep dive, investigation, rabbit hole or goofy video. YouTube is the perfect environment for that, allowing the average smart fella (or fart smella) to whip up a video essay, gameplay video or descent into madness around a specific niche.

While we here at Kotaku Australia have hopes to do something of our own on the video-sharing website at some point, I thought in the meantime it would be neat to sit down once a week and share a gaming-adjacent video from YouTube and discuss a little about why I like it.

This week, we’ll be looking at all of Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts go brrr

NovaZone is a Texas-based Youtuber who produces video essays about JRPGs and other story-focused games. This post will be a little shorter than others in the past, as NovaZone is a somewhat smaller creator than the others I’ve posted about previously.

NovaZone’s Kingdom Hearts Story Perspective is a four-part series in which he thoroughly covers the storyline of the entire Kingdom Hearts series, which is very impressive considering the franchise is all over the place.

What sets his retrospective apart from other videos that have gone over the entire Kingdom Hearts series is the passion NovaZone seems to have for the game. There are plenty of retrospectives that have attempted this plight, but it’s NovaZone’s attention to detail and love for the game that makes it feel more thorough and informed.

While also seeming to care deeply for the series, NovaZone also has a sense of humour when it comes to the downright goofiness found in a lot of Kingdom Hearts. This makes it more easy to absorb, as sometimes the story of Kingdom Hearts can seem a little convoluted and girthy until Goofy literally shows up.

You’ve probably seen the duration of the video, a hefty 3 hours and 24 minutes, and thought, ‘Jesus Christ On A Bike’. However, sometimes you need a bit of time to cover a lot of ground. I highly recommend either sitting yourself down with a snack and giving this a watch or chucking it on your other monitor while you do something else. It’s a real treat.

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