Ruby Recommends: People Make Games Drops Another Banger

Ruby Recommends: People Make Games Drops Another Banger
Image: Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia

Hello again gamers, goblins, and ghouls. I’m back again this week to give you another Ruby Recommends!

As you know, I’m an absolute fiend for a good deep dive, investigation, rabbit hole or goofy video. YouTube is the perfect environment for that, allowing the average smart fella (or fart smella) to whip up a video essay, gameplay video or descent into madness around a specific niche.

While we here at Kotaku Australia have hopes to do something of our own on the video-sharing website at some point, I thought in the meantime it would be neat to sit down once a week and share a gaming-adjacent video from YouTube and discuss a little about why I like it.

This week, we’re looking at just what it is about VR Chat that makes it better than the Facebook Metaverse.

Meta stinky, VR Chat… kinky?

If you haven’t heard of People Make Games, it’s about time you do!

People Make Games is a YouTube channel consisting of multiple people, and they do videos focusing on the people who make video games, as well as the niche communities and issues within video games. If the name sounds familiar, it might be because you’ve seen us talk about their Roblox investigation last year, or maybe even their fantastic Kirby video.

In their most recent video, they’re looking at VR ChatVR Chat, in my eyes at least, is the perfect version of a metaverse. We’ve seen ‘metaverse’ in the news plenty of times, mainly being pushed by Zark Muckerberg and his Very Cool And Awesome Metaverse. From all accounts, Marky Mark’s Many Metaverse looks like straight doggy doo-doo. Not fun!

VR Chat, on the other hand, gives you the freedom you’d want in a virtual world. You can be anything, like an anime girl, a different anime girl, an anime girl with big honkers, a sexy wolf, and even SpongeBob. The options are endless, and that’s a big part of why people love it.

The thing is, if you’re not in it, you probably don’t fully get it. Why not just touch grass? People Make Games go out of their way to figure out what really sets VR Chat apart from other metaverses, so you can understand why people in the game would prefer to just stay inside.

This weekly post is also an opportunity for creators to feature their work. If you’re in the business of making YouTube videos diving into niche gaming content, investigating lost game media, or just doing any cool shit with games, OR you have a favourite creator that you’d like us to spotlight, let us know!


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