Sea Of Thieves Asks Players To Make A Decision That Will Permanently Alter The Game’s World Map

Sea Of Thieves Asks Players To Make A Decision That Will Permanently Alter The Game’s World Map
Image: Rare, Xbox

Sea of Thieves is putting the fate of Golden Sands Outpost in players’ hands.

The latest update to Sea of Thieves does something truly new in the game’s four-year history. Players are being asked to make a decision that could permanently affect the game’s world map moving forward.

A few months ago, Rare began to embrace Fortnite‘s preference for events that alter the game world across a single season. This began with the destruction of Golden Sands Outpost, a fan favourite, located in the idyllic Shores of Plenty. The outpost was left shattered by a fierce battle with the evil Reaper’s Bones faction, its homes and businesses destroyed or boarded up. Ever since, the island has been covered in a dense, ghostly fog ever since.

Now, Rare is putting the fate of Golden Sands into the hands of its players. The game’s latest short-run event, which kicked off last night, asks players to pick a side. Supporting the Reapers means hunting down Relic Caches to keep the island permanently shrouded in unnatural fog. Supporting the Hunter’s Call, who are attempting to help the denizens of Golden Sands reclaim their home, means gathering precious supplies and delivering them to the island.

Whichever side ends up with the greater number of supplies, in aggregate, at the end of the event, will be declared the winner, and Golden Sands’ fate will be sealed. If the Reapers win, the island will remain permanently destroyed and the game will lose one of its seven main trade hubs. If the Hunter’s Call succeeds, the island will be restored to its former glory.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this would be a cakewalk. That the players would immediately gravitate toward saving one of their favourite outposts. You’d be wrong about that.

Sea of Thieves is a game full of pirates. Pirates want money. And the Reapers are paying well.

Fan polls running across social media last night, no matter who ran them, were a dead heat.

The next few weeks will be very interesting indeed. Anyone going near Golden Sands is sure to be pounced upon.

Sea Of Thieves Asks Players To Make A Decision That Will Permanently Alter The Game’s World Map
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  • I’m actually concerned people may vote for destroying Golden Sands. Which, while I’m excited to see what sort of permanent change would happen as a result, would not be great long term as Golden Sands is like the second best outpost (although mine and many others’ favourite).
    In terms of merchant/tavern layout it goes something like Plunder>Golden Sands>Galleons Grave=Sanctuary>Ancient Spires>Morrow’s Peak>Daggertooth.

    Now, if they’d threatened to permanently remove Daggertooth I’d be all “where do I sign up?”

    • Same. Golden Sands kinda represented the ideal of the game – an open and friendly outpost to welcome players beyond their maiden voyage. The layout was a fun one for shenanigans with more casual crew who preferred the adventure and roleplay elements, compared to the bloodlust of core PvPers.

      Losing that extra outpost over in the Shores is also a pain in the arse when trying to coordinate some merchant runs due to the gap in the commodity listings.

      Everyone hates Daggertoot though. As an island layout it’s a great arrangement, but as an outpost it is… not efficient… and there is always a collective groan when spawning there.

      • Couldn’t agree more on Daggertooth, John. Raze it to the ground, I would not miss it for a moment.

        Have to imagine Rare chose Golden Sands for this because of its proximity to Sanctuary. However, if it goes, you’re absolutely right on commodities (thank god someone else is doing those, I know your pain), but it also opens a giant chasm between Sanctuary in the west and Plunder Outpost in the south. Unless Rare nominated another island between the two, it’s a bloody long run from one to the other.

        Anyway, team Hunter’s Call, let’s get these black pyjama sweatlords.

        • I think it’s less likely they chose it for location so much as everyone having fun Golden Sands stories from their halcyon days starting out. Golden Sands is the cool friend who got everyone into the game, and Sanctuary is like the Wish knockoff that serves the basic functions but lacks soul.

          Considering that extra construction scrap has started showing up in a couple of places again I’m hoping for a Golden Sands rebuild with maybe something extra. The whole thing with DeMarco and the Sea Dog tavern closure would make a good jumping point to bring them in as more honourable fighters to tangle with the Reapers.

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