STALKER 2 Development Has Restarted After Team’s Move From Ukraine

STALKER 2 Development Has Restarted After Team’s Move From Ukraine
Image: GSC Game World

GSC Game World is back in business, baby!

As you might recall, this year has seen Russia’s invasion of Ukraine result in multiple studios ceasing operations for the time being. One of these studios was GSC Game World, the creators of the STALKER series.

GSC Game World was forced to pause development during this period, with later reports stating that the team had moved operations to Prague. However, not much has been said in the time between then and now.

Fortunately, it looks like the studio is back in business. According to reports from Polish site GRYOnline, a member of the team working on STALKER 2 has stated that work on the game ‘continues’.

STALKER 2 development
This statement reportedly comes from the team’s Discord server. Screenshot: GRYOnline / Discord

This is the first piece of information that has been released regarding the continuation of development on STALKER 2 since reports from Czech website Vortex stated that GSC Game World had relocated to the Czech Republic.

While the game was initially planned for release in December 2021, GSC Game World eventually had to halt their plans until further notice. Of course, the team’s safety is of utmost priority, so it’s nice to see GSC Game World are now in a better position for their own good

As we know from previous stories on GSC Game World’s situation, the studio confirmed to Kotaku that STALKER 2 will not be available to purchase in Russia or its ally Belarus whenever it eventually launches. This falls in line with other publishers like CD Projekt Red and Sony, which have announced a decision to withdraw sales in Russia.

While we’ve had no further news on STALKER 2, development seems to be back on track for now. The game’s Steam page still has it slated for a December 9th, 2022 release.

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