Nothing Else Matters More Than Stone Cold Steve Austin Being A BOTW Fan

Nothing Else Matters More Than Stone Cold Steve Austin Being A BOTW Fan
Image: WWE / Kotaku Australia

Why is there something fascinating about the knowledge of very large muscly men playing video games? Why do we giggle when we see the pictures of ‘chads’ on computers? Who knows, but I feel a deep sense of comfort knowing that pro wrestlers Stone Cold Steve Austin and Cody Rhodes are Zelda fans.

In a short clip promoting the most recent episode of his podcast Broken Skull Sessions, Austin asked Rhodes a bunch of questions in 30 seconds (it actually ended up being 55 seconds). The very first question was a big one, with Austin asking Rhodes what the best Zelda game is.

The question of which Zelda game is a hotly-contested topic, and both Rhodes and Austin seemed to have different answers. While Rhodes very swiftly says, “Ocarina of Time, hands down”, Austin stops the questions to hit back with a powerful “No dude, Breath of the Wild”. Rhodes replies by calling it a ‘bold choice’, and then they fight to the death. Just kidding!

This, of course, isn’t the first time we’ve seen Rhodes talk about gaming, or even about the Zelda franchise. For the 35th anniversary of Legend of Zelda, Cody Rhodes was joined by fellow Zelda fans and pro wrestlers Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida for an hour-long conversation about the Nintendo franchise on his show Everything But Wrestling. Not just that, but his pro-wrestling boots have Triforces on them. Incredible stuff.

Steve Austin, on the other hand, is somebody we wouldn’t clock as a Zelda fan or even as a gamer. Alas, he holds strong in his opinion that Breath of the Wild is the best Zelda game of all time, which is a very valid opinion.

Connecting the dots here, if Cody Rhodes is a Zelda fan, and Cody Rhodes used to be in the AEW, and Zelda is a Nintendo franchise, this can only mean one thing. It’s time to let Kirby fight in AEW Rampage.


  • I agree with Rhodes. Ocarina is the best in the series. BOTW is great, yet for me, didn’t achieve the great heights of innovation that Ocarina did – amongst many other points

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