Snacktaku: Vegemite Baked Beans Are Now A Thing, Because ‘Straya

Snacktaku: Vegemite Baked Beans Are Now A Thing, Because ‘Straya
I;m Thinking About Thos Beans. Image: SPC/Gizmodo Australia

There are a few culinary choices Australians make that have others around the world very concerned for our tastebuds. And SPC isn’t helping.

SPC has today introduced Vegemite baked beans.

Why? You ask. Literally no idea. A press release from SPC still doesn’t make that clear, but, Thos Beans.

“The partnership comes as SPC looks to inject some fun back into the baked beans aisle!,” it reads.

SPC’s marketing manager George Dimkin reckons the Vegemite partnership is “creating the ideal Aussie combination which can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch and tea”.

Here’s what to expect:

“Each can of Australian-made SPC Baked Beans and Vegemite comprises rich cheesy tomato sauce that oozes the bold, fair dinkum flavour of Australia. As a product with a four-star health rating, each tasty can provides a strong source of protein, is an excellent source of fibre, 99 per cent fat free, contains no artificial flavours and is made from 4.3 servings of veggies.”

It isn’t the first time Vegemite has worked its way into somewhere it has no business being. Back in 2015, Cadbury’s launched Vegemite chocolate, which sold out super quickly. Hell, a decade ago we even thought it was a great idea to make Sodamite (Vegemite plus SodaStream). But, there are some foods that just go together.

The cans of, um, food, will start appearing in supermarkets soon, with one 425g SPC Baked Beans & Vegemite in Rich Tomato can set to RRP for $1.70, and a four-pack of 220g SPC Baked Beans & Vegemite in Rich Tomato cans to cost RRP $5.00.

A new prime minister and Vegemite baked beans. Australia is unstoppable.


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