Watch Tenet On A Playdate, The Way Christopher Nolan Intended

Watch Tenet On A Playdate, The Way Christopher Nolan Intended

With the Playdate handheld console now in the wild, user mods and hacks are starting to filter through to social media. Some people want to make games of their own for the cranktacular little device. Others want to see if they can get existing games running.

And some players, some players just want to watch the world burn.

Or, more accurately, some Playdate owners want to watch the 2020 Christopher Nolan spy film Tenet starring Robert Pattinson on the smallest, muddiest screen available.

Twitter user @jkap has successfully loaded Tenet onto their Playdate, where it can be played in full. As seen in the video, Jae can rewind or fast forward the video using the device’s talked-about crank. The screen itself is not an ideal place to watch any film, let alone one designed for IMAX screens like Tenet, but that’s kind of the point.

The joke of course is that Nolan famously insisted that Tenet release in movie theatres at what was the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States. His insistence that Tenet had to be seen in a theatre, an environment considered an ideal incubator for the virus. Nolan’s decision came in a moment when Warner Bros. was sending its slate of 2020 films to its streaming platform HBO Max, so people could watch in the safety of their own home. Nolan was pilloried online at the time and Tenet itself became an instant meme.

The Playdate has proven extremely popular among retro gaming enthusiasts, with preorders currently blowing out to 2023 for delivery.

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