What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Diablo 2 Resurrected/Blizzard Entertainment

Another week down, folks, we made it to Friday.

As we do each and every Friday, we come together to plan the coming weekend in games.

For me, I’ve been hauled back into Diablo II Resurrected by friends who have never stopped playing D2 since launch. They have prepared a support build for me called a Holy Fister, which sounds deeply pornographic but is in fact a paladin that specialises in distance heals and distance spells, which suits me down to the ground. My relationship with Diablo 2 is a complicated one. I’ve sworn it off more times than I can count. My friends have been playing this game since it launched when we were in high school and are still finding new builds and chasing infinitely rare rune drops.

By launching a remaster that is now tweaking the game’s established rules to allow even more build freedom, it is simply giving the D2 junkies everything they want.

Anyway, yeah, I’m thinking I’m back (for now).

My beloved Sea of Thieves is in a quiet spell at the moment so I’m using that time to dive into Citizen Sleeper, which dropped on Game Pass during the week. Loot River calls to me also.

Ruby tells me she is also diving into the deluge of indies that arrived on Game Pass this week, and will finally spend some time on Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, a title she could have written herself. She also plans to continue cutting down anyone foolish enough to challenge her at Nintendo Switch Sports online. If you’re matched against Ruby in badminton and she waves at you, know that you are already cooked.

And with that, over to you! What’s on your To Play list this weekend? Final Fantasy XIV squad, let us know what your plans are.

As always, thank you for hanging out with us this week, we really do appreciate you being here. Whatever you get up to this weekend, stay safe, have fun, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.


  • I’ve been a bit slack with my 4GO playthrough this week, between working on Blood Hunt dailies / weeklies, and starting to fail horribly at Gwent (whose matches take longer than some of my Blood Hunt ones!) since Ciri and Geralt season passes are permanent now.

    I’ll probably devote some time to Evil Dead with my younger sis since it released today! Already gave it a minor poke. 🙂

  • Likely won’t have time but I want to make some more progress in Sekiro, it wasn’t as difficult to get used to as people often say and the combat really feels like nothing else I’ve played in a good way, memorising attack patterns for bosses is key, I start a new encounter by remaining only on the defensive until I get a feel for them.

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