A Dunkey Tribute Appeared In The AEW Rampage Audience

A Dunkey Tribute Appeared In The AEW Rampage Audience
Image: videogamedunkey / AEW / Kotaku Australia

All-Elite Wrestling is no stranger to gamer content.

The wrestling company has seen many a video game reference in its time, most recently the spotting of my friend Lechonk as a poster in the AEW audience.

Aside from that, we also know that the roster of AEW is packed to the brim with gamers, including folks like Adam Cole and Nyla Rose. Anybody else remember when Kenny Omega entered the ring as Sans from Undertale, complete with Megalovania playing in the background? I personally will never forget that.

At the most recent AEW Rampage, however, we saw something beautiful. Something gaming related, but even more deep-cut. For a brief moment, we saw a ‘More Dunkey’ poster in the crowd.

aew dunkey
Image: AEW / Kotaku Australia

If you were unaware, this poster is a reference to YouTuber Dunkey a.k.a videogamedunkey. Specifically, the ending clip of all his videos.

It also seems like Dunkey acknowledged the appearance of the sign after retweeting a tweet about it when AEW Rampage aired on Saturday.

Another tweet reveals that the sign was made by and belongs to Julian Salas, who made the sign to represent Dunkey as ‘a Milkwaukee legend’.

And they’re absolutely right. Dunkey is a Milkwaukee legend. The guy is easily one of the best video game critics going, and his game coverage is second to none. Absolute king shit.

Want to watch it for yourself, or simply get amongst the AEW glory? Here’s an explainer on how you can watch All-Elite Wrestling in Australia on FITE.tv.

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