All Of The Xbox Demos Available For Just This Week

All Of The Xbox Demos Available For Just This Week

[Popcorn seller at the sports game voice] Xbox demos! Get ya Xbox demos!

That’s right, my sweet summer children. ID@Xbox, which is Xbox’s dedicated indie sector, currently has over 30 games, mostly unreleased, with playable demos out right now.

From June 21st to June 27th, these demos will be available on Xbox consoles to give a big fat go before you decide to chuck a preorder on it. The thing is, that’s a lot of games! Over 30 game demos, but what the hell are they?

That’s a great question that will be answered by this post. Here’s the full list of game demos available to play for the week, as well as trailers to give you an idea of what they’re about so you can see before you try before you buy.

Another Crusade

Dragon Vein Studios

A 3D isometric role-playing game with turn-based combat and little wooden puppets.


Tiny Warrior Games

Atari-esque metroidvania where you play a sword-duelling cat in Feudal Japan.

Batora: Lost Haven

Stormind Games

Action-adventure RPG with a choose-your-own-adventure story.


Volcano Bean

Turn-based RPG where you battle as cakes. The name is very self-explanatory.


Triomatica Games

An animated film AND a puzzle game. Completely hand-drawn graphics.

BROK the InvestiGator


Slated to be “the very first Punch & Click game”. Story-driven adventure game about a crocodile detective.

Broken Pieces

Elsewhere Experience

Third-person investigative adventure game set in France. Hon hon.

Despot’s Game

Konfa Games

Pixel-based roguelike with automatic battles and procedurally generated levels.

Doodle God Evolution

JoyBits Games

You are a god. Enough said.

Endling – Extinction is Forever

Herobeat Studios

Exploration game where you play a mother fox keeping your little cubs alive and well. I’m already getting emotional at the sound of that.

Exhausted Man

Candleman Games

Physics-based game where you control an exhausted man on a mission to do everything without getting up.

Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess

Playtra Games

Real-time tactical bullet-hell RPG with a big roster of heroes to choose from.


Brainwash Gang

Narrative-focused experiential game where you are a soothsayer that must lead your tribe out of turmoil.

Lost Ruins

Altari Games

Cutesy 2D side-scrolling survival action title where you’re a schoolgirl that must fight your way out of a dungeon.

Metal: Hellsinger

The Outsiders

A rhythm-based action-adventure shooter where the more in-sync you are with the metal tracks in the game, the more destruction you will cause.



Rhythm game with multiple difficulty levels and lots of genres to choose from.



A platformer/little guy game where you must lead some very stupid little guys to safety.

Overpass: Rhythm Roadtrip

Studio Bean

Road trip rhythm game where you must travel to the beat of the music.



Card deck-building roguelite with hints of JRPG and roguelike spattered throughout.


Wayfarer Games

Intense circular bullet hell. Very minimalist, very stressful.



Action adventure game where you play through the memories of your protagonist, but all your actions in the memories have immediate consequences on the present.


Softstar Technology

A chibi version of Chess mixed with Monopoly.

Sail Forth

David Evans Games

A water-based sailing exploration game.

Severed Steel

Greylock Studio

Stylised first-person shooter with fluid stunt system and a lot of time to shoot.

Shadowrun Returns


Cult-classic roleplaying strategy game in a cyberpunk-fantasy world.



Fast-paced couch co-op brawler where you play spiders with laser swords and more.

Strings Theory


A puzzle arcade game where you control the particles of life itself.

Strong Moon

Chihuas Games

Goofy action adventure game inspired by cartoons from the 90’s.


Waving Bear Studio

Procedurally generated first-person shooter where you control a teddy bear fighting nightmares in a little girl’s dreams. Putting this in the category of ‘games that look like horror games but aren’t’.

Terror of Hemasaurus

Loren Lemcke

Retro city smash ’em up where you and your friends can wreak havoc as giant monsters.



Puzzle platform and little guy game. Pikmin meets Paper Mario.

Wave Break

Funktronic Labs

The world’s first skate-boating game, set in a Miami Vice-type world.

Wreck Out


Dodgem car beat ’em up game in a knockout arena setting.


Nifflas’ Games

Hand-drawn puzzle exploration game where you swim, launch, jump, and bounce between bubbles in a reactive soundscape sky.

That’s all of them! I’m personally keen on giving Tinykin, Stuffed, RE:CALL, Metal: Hellsinger, Exhausted Man, Endling: Extinction is Forever, and Lost Ruins a go. I know it’s a lot, but I’m deeply unhinged.

But how about you? What are you keen on trying? Let us know!

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