I Can’t Stop Thinking About How Much I Hate This Among Us Halloween Costume

I Can’t Stop Thinking About How Much I Hate This Among Us Halloween Costume
Image: Toikido
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I have recently discovered that there is an Among Us Halloween costume on the market and I’m simply cannot stress how much I hate it. Don’t wear this awful costume. Don’t disrespect yourself like that. Just… don’t.

This piece originally ran on Kotaku Australia on September 16, 2021. It has been republished as a weekend read.

Take a look at this absolute nightmare fuel:

I get it. Among Us was a big part of our 2020/21 lockdowns and brought us together amidst a pandemic. And planning your Halloween outfit around your favourite video game character is always fun.

But I cannot stress this enough: don’t do this.

There are countless iconic video game characters that deserve to be immortalised like Ratticator from The Sims 2 DS, so why waste a perfectly good Halloween by dressing up as whatever the hell Among Us imposters actually are?

For starters, you have no access to your arms. You can’t enjoy a drink or a snack while in-costume, which feels like it’s a really bad option for a holiday that is entirely food and beverage-centric.

And let’s call a spade a spade. This costume looks like you dressed up as a sleeping bag. Imagine spending $US49.99 plus shipping for something that’ll mean you will spend the whole night explaining to your friends that no, you’re not cosplaying as camping equipment.

Not to mention, the costume is already completely sold out on Amazon, which means you probably won’t even be the only idiot dressed as a glorified sleeping bag at your Halloween party.

If you’re going to have an utterly ridiculous Halloween costume, at least make it an original one.

I’m not your mother and you can dress however you like this Halloween, but just know, I reserve the right to push you over if you wear this costume.

If I somehow haven’t convinced you to wear literally anything else this Halloween, you can buy the awful costume here.


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